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Playmobil City Action Fire Rescue and Personal Watercraft (70140) Review

I hope you are not getting tired of seeing Playmobil on the website, because we have a lot more coming! This time, we are taking a look at the City Action Fire Rescue and Personal Watercraft (70140) that includes two boats, 4 figures, and tons of little gadgets to keep young fans busy for hours. While this set doesn’t have the same “display” qualities as the Mini Cooper we recently reviewed, it has its own pros that make it one of the better sets available this holiday season!


Out of the Box

There is a lot of stuff packed into this box, including one giant plastic boat. Assembling the set was pretty straightforward despite the sheer number of pieces. The hardest part that my 8 year old couldn’t accomplish was tying the string to the reels – one string was for the anchor, while the other was for a hook at the back of the ship.

Aside from that, putting the set together was a breeze. A fairly long breeze to be fair, but still a breeze. While I do find some Playmobil sets lack sufficiently comprehensible instructions, the opposite of that is true here. The booklet included was bigger than most – including sets this size or bigger! – and was well detailed in showing what went where. With Playmobil, a lot of the assembly is assumed (common sense), but it did look like extra instructional care was put into this set.

The City Action Fire Rescue set comes with one large Rescue boat, as well as a smaller, twin-engine boat. The “story” built into this set is that the smaller boar is on fire (three flames included) and the fire needs to be extinguished and the boat driver rescued. The set comes with 4 playable characters, and a ton of cool accessories including a complete dive kit! The drone is also a nice touch.


Worth the Price?

While being more expensive than a lot of the Playmobil sets we are reviewing, there is a lot of stuff here for the price you are going to pay. Having 4 figures included is a huge bonus and makes this set very shareable between siblings and friends. My kids have been playing with it together for the last few days, and I rarely hear any arguments. Each kid can have their own boat and choice of figure, and with all the additional accessories, they can outfit their characters however they see fit!

I know the question is going to come, so let me answer that now – yes, I did test the boats to see if they would float and can confirm that they do. I still don’t recommend it as there are a number of stickers that are affixed to the outside of the boat that, when wet, are likely to deteriorate over time. When you place a character in the personal watercraft, it does tend to tip over because of the weight.

Overall Value

It’s a bit over $100 Canadian to purchase the City Action Fire Rescue and Personal Watercraft set, so there is a hefty price tag attached. That being said, the value is here in terms of what you get and how playable the set is. My kids are really enjoying their time with the set, and are pretty content with all the features included. When mixed with the rest of their Playmobil, they can lose themselves for hours on end. We highly recommend this set!


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