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Playmobil Mini Cooper Review

Although it might only be 41 total pieces, the Mini Cooper from Playmobil (Set 70921) is one fantastic toy. If there is one thing I can say about Playmobil that is always true, it is that their licensed vehicles are top notch and unrivaled in this space. In the past, we have reviewed the Volkswagon Bug and Bus, and many other vehicles. They are always fantastic. With a few characters included, this is one of the better, shareable Playmobil experiences.


Out of the Box

Putting together the Mini Cooper was actually a lot easier than some of the other sets I’ve done. With only 41 total pieces, there wasn’t actually a lot to do once everything was out an on the table. For the record, unlike other companies where building the toy is part of the fun, Playmobil just wants to get you from A to B the fastest, so you can begin enjoying your new toy.

I’ve always had gripes about Playmobil instructions in the past – it does seem that the more pieces a set has, the more difficult it is to understand the instructions and put the kit together. For the Mini Cooper, however, everything was easy to understand, and it was only a few minutes before we had the bulk of the work done.

Included with the Mini Cooper is three characters and one dalmation dog. There is both a male and female tourist, as well as a policeman carrying a Billy club. The United Kingdom vibes are very present with this kit, and I really like it.

How Much Fun to Play?

What makes this set so great is that it comes with so much stuff. Three characters, one dog, and one car. Most smaller sets. regardless of brand, tend to be singular play experiences. That isn’t the case here. Although my 4 year old son hasn’t had friends over since building this set, he easily played with my 8 year old son. Each kid chose a character to play as, and took turns zooming the car around the floor. When we introduced this set to our wider world of Playmobil, they had a blast visiting the pony stable and mobile home, driving by the farm tractors, and more.


The dog with the leash adds another level to the play here, as does the trunk that opens up. My kids quickly stored some luggage in the trunk and took their two characters on a “vacation.” It’s a neat touch that perhaps you wouldn’t expect.


The Mini Cooper from Playmobil is a great piece. Whether you have younger kids who will want to play with the Playmobil toys, or you want this Mini Cooper to put on display, It’s a great little set that will bring hours of joy to anyone who really wants it.


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