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As Free As The Wind Blows: The Best Open World Games The World Has To Offer

A lot of video games are described as being linear, and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some people do want more freedom. This is where open world games come in. These games all have one thing in common; freedom to explore the world. Of course, different games have different features, so the extent of the freedom does vary.

With so many Open World RPG games available, it’s hard to pick something you’re sure to enjoy. So, here’s a list of open world games, with interesting features and storylines. These are by no means the first games of this type or even the best. Use this list to give you some inspiration when it comes to your next game purchase; there’s loads out there, you just have to find it.

  • The Saints Row Franchise (2006 – Ongoing)

Saints Row has become a legendary title, over the years. With a crazy story, excellent characters and stupid fun missions, the game has cemented itself as one of the greats. In the very first game, you start of as a gang boss struggling to hold on to territory. In the most recent edition, you play as the same character. But now you’re the president of the United States, trapped in an alien simulation that gives you superpowers.


  • The Elder Scrolls Franchise (1994 – Ongoing)

For many people, Bethesda set the standard for open-world games with the Elder Scrolls series. Starting with Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994, they’ve created five more open-world RPGs up to now. Including an MMO (Elder Scrolls Online), which, although it did badly, is a testament to the solid universe they’ve crafted. In the second game of the series, Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, the map they created is roughly the size of Great Britain.


  • Sleeping Dogs (2012)

You play as an undercover Hong-Kong detective, attempting to infiltrate the notorious Triads in the city. You spend much of the game unarmed, and so have to use martial arts to fight off gang members. The combat system is the best part of the game. You can take items like handbags and umbrellas from people passing by, and use them to beat the snot out of any bad guys. The game’s story isn’t very long, but it certainly takes you for a ride.

It would be hard to make this post and ignore GTA. For a lot of people, this series holds a place very dear in their hearts. The early days of the game were extremely basic, but the current title is quite the opposite. In each game, you play a different person. Whether it be an immigrant, fresh to a city. Or an ex-gang member looking to have a quiet life. Unfortunately, it never works out the way the character hopes. Expect cars, violence, and action with this franchise!

This is just a handful of the some of the more popular open-world games out there. You can find loads of games like this by using tools like Steam’s search and game review websites. Just remember to look at what players say about the game, to see if it sounds like a good fit for you.