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Fire Emblem Warriors Review-in-progress Part 3

In part 1 of my Fire Emblem Warriors Review-in-progress, I gave you my initial impressions of the game. In Part 2 , I talked about the game’s graphics. And now in part 3, I want discuss how you fight in the game and the progression of Warriors. It is totally different from a normal Fire Emblem game, but how different is it? Also, why does Fire Emblem Warriors still feel like a FE game if its so different?


Fire Emblem Warriors is an action game, first and foremost. The “battle system” in this game is very straight forward: the hero is directly controlled by the player. The turn-based tactical combat of previous Fire Emblems is gone. I definitly prefer the turn-based combat overall, but Warriors is fun nevertheless.

The controls in Fire Emblem Warriors are very easy to learn. The action combat in this game is more “mainstream” than the turn-based combat of regular Fire Emblem. Even so, there is some strategy to each area you visit.

Fire Emblem Warriors will quickly throw objectives at you and the map provided will become your best friend. There are a lot of things other than just “beat up all the bad guys” to do. You will have to seize different forts, defend innocents, join up with allies, defeat big bosses, and more. Its definitely a lot to handle. So while the combat may be easy to learn, not everyone will enjoy all the things you have to jungle in each area. Also, the game’s “overworld map” is a lot more basic than what fans are use to.

The progression of Fire Emblem Warriors is a lot more linear then regular Fire Emblem games. The “overworld map” is not really like a Fire Emblem game at all. In Fire Emblem, you have a lot more choices in where you can go. Fire Emblem Warriors wants to keep its map simple, but its missions are definitly not always easy.

This is a really hard game at times. I have been playing all the missions on easy and yet I still find myself failing at some of the missions and having to repeat them over to get the correct result. And there are side missions and extra things to get, so replaying a mission is definitely  a good idea. Fire Emblem Warriors, overall, is different from regular Fire Emblem but still feels like apart of the series.

The characters of Fire Emblem all act like they should. The story of Fire Emblem Warriors feels like a very Fire Emblem type of story. Even the gameplay, as different as it is, has elements of Fire Emblem. The weapon types, master seals, special moves, and how you level up all feel like something you’d find in a Fire Emblem game. While not all Fire Emblem fans will love how different this game, I do suggest you give the game a try if you’re a fan. You may find that you really love it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at Fire Emblem Warriors story. Why does it feel like a Fire Emblem story and how does it pay tribute to the regular series games?


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