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Astro A40 TR Headset

Astro A40 TR Headset

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Excellent About Rating

The Astro Gaming name is synonymous with gaming, and for years everyone has assumed that Astro headsets are outside the reach of the average gamer. In the past, this was definitely true, but Astro is running lines of Headsets at a much lower cost, and the Astro A40 TR Headset – aimed at PC and MAC users, but compatible with newer Xbox One controllers and PS4 – is a great headset that comes in at a modest $150 price tag. Overall, that expensive Astro quality is there, but not the excessive pricing.

Astro A40

Headset Build

The look of the headset definitely harkens back to that typical Astro design that has been the image of gaming for years.  While other companies are moving towards classier – and in certain situations, crazier – looks, Astro is sticking to the tried and true design that has worked for them for numerous years. You feel like you are using a really expensive model, but know you paid a modest price for it!

Although we reviewed the headset in white, it is also available in black.

The majority of the headset is made out of a durable plastic, and while I would have preferred more flexibility in the bar that runs around the top of your head, I appreciate a strong design that can withstand a fair amount of unintentional abuse.

The ear cups are top notch, and extremely comfortable, fitting nicely over both my ears with little-to-know discomfort. Often times, I find gaming headset ear cups too large or too small. These cups from Astro are phenomenal, and are some of the most comfortable available in this price range.

The band around the top of the head is adjustable from both the left and right side; while many headsets seem to cheap out on this mechanism, Astro is bringing the designs from expensive headsets to this model, allowing users to securely set the headset to the desire position, and never worry about it slipping mid game.

The microphone included with the A40 is a great microphone, but not in line with all of its competition at a similar price point. I need to be clear on this: the microphone included with the A40 is perfectly fine for the price you pay. It’s clear for the most part, although can pick up noises other than the speaker, which is what makes this microphone a bit inferior to its noise cancelling competition. Astro does have a modification kit you can purchase that brings in a noise cancelling microphone, which we will have more on later.

Included with the headset is an inline remote with volume control, mute control, and even an inline microphone if you prefer that over the boom microphone.

Audio Quality

The audio quality in the Astro A40 TR headset is phenomenal, and easily blows out many of the competition at the same price point. From the booms of bombs when playing Call of Duty, to the softer tones and melodies from Last Day of June, this Astro delivers in ways I wasn’t sure a 150$ headset could.

Astro A40

There is also a fantastic balance of chat and game audio, and these sounds never feel muddled or muffled. Astro brought their signature sound from the higher end models and applied it here, and I’m very grateful for it. These are top notch, and right now, I wouldn’t trade these for anything.

Whether gaming, listening to music, watching movies, or even chatting on Skype, the Astros deliver in almost every aspect. Kudos to you Astro on providing superior sound at a modest price.

Mod Kits

The baseline Astro A40 TR headset is only 149.99 and one of the biggest issues I had with the headset was the lack of a noise cancelling microphone. It does exist, but you’ll have to shell out extra money for that, along with different ear cups, a new head band, and much more.

Astro A40

While I never like to see companies sell extras, I’m actually Ok with it in this situation. Astro is giving consumers a great package for 149.99, but for those looking for a bit more, Astro has you covered too with these mod kits! What you lose in the noise cancelling microphone, you gain in the overall audio experience. And for those playing in quiet environments, a noise cancelling microphone on a headset is a luxury they likely don’t want or need.

Superior audio, or noise cancelling microphone? I like that Astro gives consumers an option to have both, IF they want it.


The Astro A40 TR Headset is above average in almost every aspect, outside of the lack of an included noise cancelling microphone. That being said, the put their time, money, and resources into creating a superior audio experience, and it shows in the final product. From our vantage point, the Astro A40 TR is a definite buy!


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