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Why The Popularity Of Mobile Gaming Is 100% Understandable

At a glance, mobile gaming shouldn’t challenge console or PC gaming.

After all, the graphic capabilities and depth of detail cannot match its counterparts. However, this part of the industry is growing at an exponential rate both in terms of revenue and registered players.

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Frankly, it’s popularity is 100% merited.

There are many things to love about mobile gaming. For starters, it’s a part of the industry where indie developers can develop games for the go. This instantly gives users access to a world of weird and wonderful titles. Meanwhile, the capabilities of smartphones means that VR and augmented reality are now accessible. The big gaming studios have produced title like Pokemon Go and Mario that integrate real life with the digital world. A decade ago, this would have been unfathomable.

Crucially, though, it’s not all about graphics or fancy features. The key to a great mobile game is playability. As shown by popular titles over the years ranging from Candy Crush to Flappy Bird, mobile games just need to be fun and addictive. The fact that most games are free) albeit with in-app purchases) adds to the accessibility.

Moreover, unlike consoles and PC gaming, there is something for all types of players. Even a technophobe can get to grips with using a touch screen game or tilting their phone to turn a car. Likewise, connecting to play with friends or strangers online is a very simple task.

Mobile gaming is perhaps a little more relaxed too. At least in the sense you can take your device out and play for 10 minutes whilst sat waiting for a bus or, let’s face it, on the toilet. It’s vastly different to setting up the PlayStation, waiting for a game update, and matching a party.

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Moreover, if you get stuck on a game, you have the internet at your fingertips. Whether it’s using a scrabble word finder or checking out a Youtube tutorial to beat a boss doesn’t matter. The days of spending hours getting frustrated over a difficult part can be a thing of the past. Although die-hard gamers will want to find solutions for themselves.

For gamers of a certain age, one of the most attractive features is nostalgia. You can find plenty of retro titles that have been reimagined or remastered. While the same can be said for console gaming too, there’s no doubt that the mobile gaming arena just feels old school. It’s a weird phenomenon given that mobile gaming is relatively new. Still, you can’t deny that playing platformers and puzzle games rather than FPS games harks back to yesteryear.

It’s not just about nostalgia, though. It’s simple and relaxing fun. Even when completing a challenging puzzle game, the titles feel recreational. It’s an attribute some console genres have somehow lost along the way. Building your ultimate team on Fifa, for example, can feel like a second job. For mobile gaming, it’s just a short burst of escapism that puts a smile on your face. In the stressful modern era, this is a killer quality.

Mobile gaming is certainly here to stay. And I’m absolutely thrilled.