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Where to find the best Remote Game Development Jobs?

The global impact of the pandemic is alarming for several industries. Not only employers are worried about the work situations but employees are also looking for opportunities to pave the road of their careers.


On one hand, some companies are hiring remote developers, project managers, QA engineers, etc. at the same time network administrators and game developers are looking for open positions and vacancies. We can say that a pandemic is good for some not all.

Amid a hard time of the pandemic, the video game industry has still shown some resilience. So if you want to find opportunities as a game developer in the game industry, there is still some room available. However, a constant and firm approach is required to find the best fit according to your interest if you are an entry-level employee, have expertise, and experience if you are a professional game developer.

Increased Game Sales

The sales of games are increasing rapidly during pandemics. The reason is that the government has announced lockdowns all across the world and due to which people are supposed to stay connected virtually and maintain social distance. While at home, children and adults both are more into gaming. The sky-rising sales are increasing the demand of both video games and game developers.

How to Get a Job in the Gaming Industry?

Due to coronavirus many industries have faced a major hit. It also affected the programs, training, and seminars related to the gaming industry. Some events such as E3 and GDC also got canceled and postponed due to the circumstances. However, some doors for game development and developers are also open.

Companies are hiring game developers just as they are hiring remote software developers. Remote positions are widely available for game developers that they can check from the career page of game companies as well as remote job posting sites. The job openings are posted for both game developers and game designers.

Below are some tips to find remote game development jobs.

  • Build your Online Presence¬†

When everything is remote today. From jobs to shopping, gaming to learning, people have adapted to remote operational infrastructure. But this means that your online presence is compulsory now to grow. Spending time on social media is no more wastage of time. You need to increase your social circle in such a way that you could connect with the people of your field. Connect with the HR managers that are working in a similar industry you want to go to.

Before this, make sure you have given your updated information on the social media platform. LinkedIn is more preferable when it comes to approaching the people of your own field in a formal manner. LinkedIn requests are also accepted sooner than the ones you send on any other social platform.

  • Become part of Online Webinars and Game Conferences

If you cannot attend the big gaming events then never miss the ones that are live and online. Some companies canceled their events or postponed then scheduled them through remote webinars. Never miss the opportunity to join these groups and events as it is an opportunity for you to show your skills and interest among the people.


The participants that attend gaming conferences are mostly the IT professionals, instructors, motivational speakers of the industry, recruiters, and the ones looking for gaming jobs.

Ask questions and show your presence at the conference. Also, you can connect with them on LinkedIn or take advice from them by texting them. When impressed, some professionals contract and send payments to foreign contractors for services. 

These small steps and active responses from your side can help you get your remote game development job easily.

  • Apply on Remote Job Sites

There are a number of job sites that post about the latest remote game development jobs. The very first thing is to prepare your resume with the latest information and details. In the second step, does extensive research of sites and jobs opening for game development. If you find one, make sure you completely read the job description and tailor your resume accordingly. Research, apply and repeat. Follow this process.


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