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More Thoughts From Me E3 Special Edition: And The Winner Is…

E3 2021 is over! Was it the best E3 ever? Nope. Was it fun? Yep. But, who won? Did anyone win? Let’s talk about who the “winner” of E3 is!


E3 2021 was alright. It wasn’t the best E3 ever. It wasn’t even the best game related event this year (those State of Plays and the Dragon Quest event rocked) but it did offer some surprises and delightful games.

Xbox and Nintendo did good. Ubisoft and Square Enix were not so good. Capcom was horrible…

There was one event though that I absolutely loved and to me, its the real winner of E3 2021:


From start to finish, the Wholesome Direct had a great presentation and lots of wonderful games to show. If you haven’t seen this event, go watch it. Its just great.

And you might go: okay thats nice but those games won’t appeal to everyone. This is true, some people are just not into cozy, delightful games with no action. You have no heart you monsters!

I jest. Still, try something new. Seriously. There are so many great types of games out there. It wouldn’t hurt you to try a Wholesome game.

And actually I want to take things a step further and say that indies overall are the real winners of E3. Look at all the cool smaller games that were announced at E3. Indie developers, a lot of whom work remotely, were able to keep going through last year and this year a lot better than the major companies.

Indies really are the future of gaming I think. Its with indie game developers that you’ll find gaming being pushed to new heights.

Though, yes, Xbox and Nintendo had really good events. I enjoyed them.

I think that next year will be even better for Xbox and Nintendo. For now, let the indies shine.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I really need to go watch the Wholesome Direct again soon.


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