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The Playstation 5 event today started off with a bang: Final Fantasy XVI was shown! If you haven’t seen the footage for this game yet, you need to check it out. And then please come back here for some thoughts on the game.

Final Fantasy XVI looks amazing! Wow!

First of all, I was very happy that the game is a fantasy. It is set in a very medieval looking world. Think The Witcher meets Final Fantasy and you’ll understand what the game looks like without even seeing it.

On a personal note, my predication about what Final Fantasy 16 would be…well…it was a little far off but it actually got some details right! The game is a fantasy, it has Chocobos, there is magic, Crystals are involved, and we saw a Red Mage.

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t have a turn-based battle system though. It was very obvious from the gameplay footage that it’ll be an action battle system. Also the game is much darker than I thought it would be.

Overall though, the game looks awesome. I wish I could play it right now!

Speaking of which, did anybody else notice that there was no release date? Hmmm.

What did you think of Final Fantasy XVI?


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