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More Thoughts From Me #238: One PS5 Event to Rule Them All

Tomorrow, Sony will have another Playstation 5 digital Showcase video. This time, it’ll be 40 minutes long and features updates on titles for the launch of the PS5 (and beyond). What could it possibly show?! Yep, I’m going to give you my wildest, this will never happen guesses!


Picture this if you will:

The Playstation 5 Showcase video opens with a quick montage of games we’ve seen before: Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, etc etc, etc. Ending with the PS5 logo.

Then…we hear the sound of a whip and a chilling howl. Cue the classic Castlevania music. CASTLEVANIA. 2022. The developer comes on after this tease and talks about how this is a full remake of the orignal game. It’ll be in a 2.5D style with HD graphics. Some early stills and artwork are shown. PS5 exclusive.

After that we get an update about Dreams and the revelation that it’ll be coming to the PS5. A major update is announced.

Miles Morales Spider-man is shown off again and more information about it and its story are revealed. We get our first look at actual gameplay too!

Now, the screen goes black. The PS5 logo appears. We hear Kratos voice. GOD OF WAR: 2023.
We find out shortly after that an enhanced God of War (PS4) will be coming to the PS5 in the meantime.

So you think that the next announcement would be a title we knew about? You would be wrong!

We see a dragon fly across the screen. It breaths fire. BREATH OF FIRE: 2021. We see actual gameplay. Its not turn-based anymore. The game has an action battle system with modern graphics and it looks amazing.

Next up: Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes coming to the PS5, along with a remake of Code Veronica! They also hint that they might working on the next Resident Evil game…

We see even more exclusives, new games and old games.

The online multiplayer for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is shown off and it looks awesome. You can play as Captain Quark, Ratchet, Clank, and tons of other characters including Mario. There are three modes: co-op for the single player, battleground, and Smash Bros style fighting mode! Oh and more single player content is teased.

Well, okay, I can’t guess at every single thing Sony will not show. But lets make the column a bit longer…

Though I think Sly Cooper, Jak and Dexter, and Mario would be reveals. So I’m going to guess right now: Sly Cooper Returns, Jak and Detxer Geek Out, and Super Mario Deluxe are all PS5 exclusive. Yeah. You heard me! Mario is exclusive to PS5. Yes I’ve gone crazy.

But the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The final (bold) game of the video!

The screen goes black. We heard the sound of fire, then ice, than a full blown storm…

A wizard that looks like Vivi from FF9, though much taller, appears on the screen.

“I will stop you.” the wizard says to an unseen person.
“You?” a voice says.

The wizard pushes her hat up and reveals her face. She looks a little like Yuna from FFX but shes not Yuna.

“Be gone!” she says. She calls fire into her hand and then flings it at the unseen enemy (basically she throws it at the screen. We are now dead and can’t watch the rest of this trailer)

The screen goes black and we hear some voices:

“I’ve made it this far.”

“You don’t know the meaning of pain.”

“The crystal awaits.”



The screen goes black again.

The words Square Enix appear.

A vast desert landscape is revealed. The camera is panned out and slowly moves forward to reveal two characters walking in the sand. Its the wizard that we saw earlier and the other character is a moogle. He is small and walking by the wizard’s side. The graphics here are pretty amazing.

” Kupo?” the moogle says.

“I can see it from here. We’re almost home.”

They continue walking. Then they stop.
The wizard takes off her hat.

“There it is.” she says and points. “Ivalice.”

The camera pulls way back until we see a huge city. We can see moogles, chocobos, humans, and other species.

“I’ve missed you.” the wizard’s voice says.

The words Final Fantasy XVI appear.

We get a flash of footage next. Massive battles with magic flying everywhere, our main character riding on a chocobo, a group of moogles using ice magic, our main character standing with a woman red mage, a very muscled knight, a moogle, and chocobo, and at the end, a giant crystal and it starts to crack.

2021 appears.

A Square Enix rep talks about the game. Its a Final Fantasy set in Ivalice, a fantasy setting with an open world and a return to turn-based combat and job system. The game will be out next year and it’ll be PS5 exclusive at first. Square Enix will talk more about it soon.

After the Square Enix rep stops talking, things fade to black and we think its all over with.

The Playstation 5 logo appears. Release date: November 3rd, 2020. PS5 Digital: $899 PS5 Disc: $999. Pre-orders October!

Of course everyone is upset about the pricing and forgets all about the games!

So everyone misses the big ad after that which reveals the monthly installments (cheap) pricing and the PS Now/PS Plus buddle and that Xbox will no longer be releasing the Series X or Xbox Series S. Instead they will make games Sony.

Everyone is just too upset about the consoles pricing to hear any of this though.

Later Sony reveals that the whole Mario thing was a joke. Nintendo is not laughing.

So what do you think? Will any of this happen?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I really wish that FF16 reveal would happen exactly like that. sigh


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