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PlayStation on PC is a Win for All

PlayStation has launched a new website for its games on PC. And while this isn’t a new initiative, it’s fantastic to see another console company getting all-in on PC.


Maybe all-in isn’t the right wording. They’re not bringing things out day one, but that’s going to change, and probably in the near future. PC-only gamers aren’t going to rush to PlayStation 5, but they’ll happily hand over their money if you give them a good port. Hell, even if you can get it for free with your subscription, PC gamers will still pay for your games.

But the point remains: games need to be on PC. Because ultimately, this is where things can be kept at their best for decades to come.

The Steam Time Capsule

Long after the PlayStation 5 is gone, and long after the last copy of Spider-Man has been downloaded from the network as we know it today, there will be kids downloading the original game, playing it in 8K and laughing at how dated it is. But it will be there, ready to download and play.

Fans will release texture mods and lighting mods and God knows what else, so that it’s more beautiful than we can imagine it. And it’s pretty damn beautiful out of the box.

Hell, by that point, maybe there’ll be additional missions and cities. Who even knows? PC modders are crazy.

But it’s more than just nice that these games will find a permanent home on PC. New audiences mean these classic titles get to be enjoyed all over again. And that adds more fanfare to their successes. It also adds more volume to the complaints, which increases the chance that they might get fixed in the future.

More money into the PlayStation ecosystem means more games might get made, and at a higher quality. You’d hope that would happen.

PlayStation Joins the PC Landscape

Again, this isn’t a new thing. PlayStation have been gradually bringing their games to PC for a year or so now. But the fact that we’re getting some bigger hitters – Horizon, The Last of Us and Uncharted, amongst others – just goes to show that this new direction is here to stay. Equally, a new website goes through the questions PlayStation gamers may be curious about if they own a decent PC. Mostly those questions are “do I have to pay for these games if I already own them” and “can I use my save from console to continue on PC?”

And fans of PlayStation already know the answer to both those questions. Yes, pay more money and no, you can’t transfer your saves.

Hopefully in the years to come, these things begin to change. Systems will be built to allow for all the conveniences we expect from modern gaming.

But for now, just the fact that you can play these huge hitters on your computer is a step in the right direction. Hopefully we see a great deal more of this kind of thing in the future.

And Nintendo, if you’re reading, you’re a little behind. Time to get involved too.


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