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Miitopia Review-in-progress Part 4: Goofy Sights & Wonderful Sounds

In part 1 of our Review-in-progress, we looked at the crazy rpg battles of Miitopia, in part 2 we visited some Inns, and in part 3 we took a trip with some Miis. Welcome to part 4, the final part (dun, dun, DUH). This time we’ll check out the goofy sights and wonderful sounds of Miitopia. Will you want to plug your eyeballs into this weird game? Will the wonderful sounds charm you? Here we gooooo….


Tomodachi Life gave the Mii characters a renewed life a.k.a better looking Mii models and the Miis did stuff that they had never done before. Miitopia takes things to the next level.

The Mii’s in Miitopia have even more personality than the ones found in Tomodachi Life and the Mii models are even better looking! The bizarre outfits and silly facial expressions also help. However, its not just the Miis that look great in this game.

The enemies in Miitopia are some of the best I’ve seen in any game. There’s a big variety of enemies and you will be surprised by quite a few of them. The only enemy I didn’t like is the Turkey enemy. That was just disturbing. You’ll know which enemy I’m talking about when you see it…

As for the areas you explore, each one is well designed, though I wish there was more variety in the looks of the levels and dungeons you go to. But the levels, dungeons, and “worlds” look so good, especially in 3D, and so the variety is not a major issue.

If you turn the 3D, you’ll see a fantastic level of depth and some pop-out too. If you can stand the 3D on the 3DS, I highly recommend having it on. Miitopia looks really good without it, but it looks even better with it.

Everything else, from the world map to the Inns, look very good. Miitopia is just very well designed game.

And the game sounds great too!

Miitopia has a wide range of music! I know I haven’t heard all of the game’s music yet, but what I have heard has been fantastic. The best part? If you go into the Records section of the menu, you’ll find a section where you can listen to any of the music you’ve already heard in the game. Its pretty cool. Bonus: dancing Miis!

The sound effects in Miitopia are also good. Miitopia is pretty impressive on almost every level.

Is Miitopia a perfect game? No, but I’ve rarely ever found a perfect game. I do think Miitopia suffers a bit from repetition in its content. However if you can get past the repetition, you’ll find a really great game.

I’m not done playing Miitopia yet, although I suspect I’m toward the end of the game. I will try to have a full review of Miitopia as soon as possible. For right now, I’ll say this: Miitopia is a strange game, but its also a really fun game.


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