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5 PC Games that have made a recent return

In an age of online casino play, people tend to speak more with free bingo it is hard to imagine classic or retro PC titles making much of an impressive. If the recent remastering and relaunch of the popular and retro-style Shovel Knight is anything to go by, however, there is a clear desire among the modern demographic of players to enjoy simple and classic gaming patterns in a modern presentation.

5 Retro-style PC Games that are enduringly Popular

With this in mind, here are three enduringly popular, retro-style PC games that have made a return to the consumer mainstream:

  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3

This one part turn-based and one part RPG title is one of the most addictive on the market, blending both exploration and combat without issue. The third instalment is the best yet, and it has outperformed both previous iterations



  • Star Wars: X-Wing


The renaissance of the Star Wars franchise has enjoyed huge momentum in recent times, and the X-Wing game has been a beneficiary of this. A space simulation game with classic PC graphics and patterns, this is one that both hard-core Star Wars fans and newcomers can enjoy in equal measure.

  • Riven

The sequel to point-and-click puzzler Mist (which just so happened to be the best-selling PC game for nearly a decade), Riven was bigger, bolder and a classic in every sense of the word. It is now downloadable too, so there is no need to load one or multiple CD’s.

  • The Last Express

This unique title is a murder-mystery game with no equal, serving as a point-and-click classic that offers both a unique setting and unusual graphics. Very approachable and easy to play, the real-time nature of the title will also bring you kicking and screaming into the modern age.


  • Fallout 2

Modern Fallout iterations are entirely different to classic PC versions, with the second desktop iteration considered as a cult favourite among players. More narrative and substance than blazing firearms, it has a huge amount of intellect behind it and is definitely the thinking man’s PC title!


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