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Release: 07/05/2021
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Articles, Genres, Horror, PC-Categories
PEGI: 18+


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The latest instalment of the Resident Evil franchise launched a few months ago with great anticipation. Even if you skipped out on Resident Evil 7 like I did, don’t worry as the option of a story recap is available which came in handy for me. First things first, if you haven’t checked out the review for Resident Evil Village make sure you do. Mat Growcott did a fantastic job and I share the same sentiments with him about the game. I have to admit when I first got to the game screen I paused for a minute to try to prepare myself for the horror I was about to see because after all I didn’t want to jump out of my seat.


Google Stadia has great potential especially since the library is growing rapidly. Resident Evil Village loaded instantly with no issues for me. I was quickly in the game, and hoping instantly into the story right after redeeming this review code. No installs, no updates: nothing. I have to admit, the first few minutes had me shocked, resulting in me suddenly waking up in the snow ready to start the game. The game world is designed so beautiful it still gave me the feeling something was going to scare me so I took the game slow. I found the experience on Stadia to be smooth, I still sometimes can’t believe I am playing without a system and through the internet. Again – no downloads, no updates. Nothing.

I have to admit this isn’t the kind of games I usually play, however I really enjoyed this game. Resident Evil Village is a short game, approximately 11 hours to finish the story so it can be done relativity quick. I was okay with the length due to the amount of detail that went into the areas to explore. More impressive again, however, was how well this worked on Google’s cloud based system. It made me even more excited for the future of Google Stadia. The ability to continue on any television in my house, mobile phone, and computer make gaming so easy to enjoy.

Thank you to Capcom for bringing us this great game. Also, Google Stadia – without you I wouldn’t be able to game so much.