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I and Me Review

I and Me

Release: January 1, 1970
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Great About Rating
8.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
6.5 - Audio

I and Me is a beautiful and charming puzzle game that is sure to make you smile more than once as you play through the numerous levels. Although perhaps it would have been nice to have more content, what is available for players to enjoy is sufficient enough to warrant its own release. Overall, I and Me is something any puzzle fan should consider picking up!


The goal in I and Me is to guide your cats into¬†picture frames¬†in some specific area of the level. The catch here is that you control both cats at once. If you push left, both cats move left. If you push right, both cats go right. Attempting to get the cats in the correct position so that you can get both in their respective boxes at the same time isn’t that difficult early on, but takes a lot of thinking and some skilled button presses to do later in the game.

Everything is pretty plain in I and Me, and I’d say that is a good thing. The levels are detailed enough to be interesting, but not too detailed that they become a distraction. Levels usually just fill one screen, allowing players to calculate the moves they need to make in order to be successful. With 90 levels to complete, and a unique puzzle each and every time, you might spend 10 minutes just trying to figure out where to go. I found the variety so incredible, that I never once though, “Oh, I’ve seen this puzzle before.”

I and Me’s unique charm is ultimately what might pull you in to experiencing its numerous puzzles. Each screen is lovingly crafted and as you progress through the various seasons, you will notice definite differences that, again, will keep each stage feeling fresh and new. For such a low price, it’s hard to not recommend I and Me, even if it will only take you a few days to fully complete!



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