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Gambling in Video Games: What You Need to Know

Video game technology has advanced tremendously since its inception in popular culture. It’s no longer only the visuals that have changed, but the ability to connect with other users as well has opened up new possibilities for gamers.


The first games could only be played against a machine, but nowadays you can count on them being much more exciting as you can play with or against many other players from all over the world. Playing with hundreds of others online has never been easier. You can also chat with other players either through a live chat option or even use your gaming headset and talk to your online friends in real-time.

When it comes to online casinos, the tech has also been able to up the ante. For example, now you can gamble with live dealers. Basically, the live dealer is in a brick-and-mortar casino or a studio and with the help of streaming technology, you can have your cards dealt by a real person and not a computer. This way casino is literally being brought to you thanks to 21st-century tech!

Online casinos have also brought some new benefits to the players, the ones that didn’t exist before. For example, bonuses were never seen in casinos before the appearance of online and mobile operators. If you wish to check out a new casino without making a payment take a look at free spins no deposit casinos that cater to players in your country.

Since game providers have figured out that gaming and online gambling have a lot in common, especially the users, they have decided to bring these two worlds together and make them collide. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of video games that incorporate some form of gambling into their gameplay.

Let’s take a look at the many ways in which gamers may gamble in video games and find out all there is to know

Social Casino Games

The first and the most popular way of video gambling is through social casino games. Rather than using real money to play, you earn points or in-game cash like coins or jewels instead. Spending additional money to get access to more features or earn more points is not uncommon among online social gamers. If you wish to play for real money check out Punt Casino, one of the leading South African casinos.

Gambling for in-game upgrades

The other way the game developers have incorporated gambling into the structure of many mobile and video games is by including “gamble-ly” features in their stores. In many games, you may earn weapons and character enhancements to use in the game by spinning slots or by wagering your in-game cash for a casino-inspired minigame. Virtual items may be purchased, earned, or traded in the game. There have also been instances where these virtual goods were exchanged for actual cash online.

Loot boxes

Loot boxes are another way of online gambling that is sadly not regulated at all. A loot box is a kind of prize that may be earned or purchased throughout the course of a game. You never know what you’re going to get in a package. It’s a lot like gambling since there’s no skill involved. The expense of purchasing these loot boxes may quickly add up, so be careful with your spending.

If you wish to have some gambling action but not spend a penny, make sure to check out the no deposit bonuses, as the one offered by Springbok Casino.

Casino-inspired video games

Some believe that game developers have started integrating gambling-inspired features in their games because the younger but of age crowd, has stopped visiting brick-and-mortar casinos. More clearly, the popularity of traditional casinos is dropping. On the other hand, online casinos such as ZAR Casino are only going stronger and stronger, especially amongst the twenty-somethings.


Furthermore, games like Danger Arena allow players to immerse themselves in a narrative, interact with various characters, and amass a seemingly infinite amount of loot.

With virtual gaming tables, venues are replacing chips with a fast-paced interface that expedites play. Casinos know that narrative and high-quality visuals appeal to a younger demographic. Because of this, millennials have reinvented the way they gamble and are now appreciating the game just as much as their older counterparts.