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TOP 7 online games to play with friends

Remember when you went to school (and you didn’t like it) and thought, “Oh, at least today I want to stay in bed and enjoy”? It seems like it was a long ago, and now the situation is the opposite.

We are all dreaming about when we will be able to spend time carefree hanging out with friends again! Although we have to be a little more patient for that, that is by no means a reason to suffer from all the technology we have.

We have smartphones, the Internet, and computers for playing games with our friends. No matter where you are and whatever you do, a virtual game night is one of the best ways to have fun. So, with that in mind, here are the best online games to play the likeminded.


Scrabble is one of the most popular board games online that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Also, a variety of software versions implies the one for PC. In this word game, participants are making one as long as possible from a certain number of letters. One of the first thoughts is that the one who speaks a language well has an advantage.


However, that may not always be the case. In addition to the entertainment for the whole bunch of friends, you will practice your intelligence, increase your vocabulary and get to know your language better.

Super Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour stars the mobile games for friends niche as one of the latest Super Mario series. You can race in different parts of the world simultaneously. The Kart Tour attracts attention with its action and adventure scenes, vivid graphics, and colors. The goal is to overcome obstacles and defeat your opponents, enjoying a unique experience and attractive animations.

Additionally, you have to be extremely careful and use your driving skills very well. You can also reach a more robust position by unlocking different vehicles. Friends can establish a private competition and have great times in a room where they can play games, talk, share achievements, and do whatever a crew does these days.

Space Evader Gold

The “Don’t Be Angry” classic card game has its online model at Litecoin gambling sites, so you can read trusted reviews to check all its features. Microgaming used its rulebook to create Space Evader Gold.

Your mission is to help the little alien and show him the way back to his spaceship. There is a road with 47 fields and various obstacles. The last field is the entrance to the spacecraft the alien is trying to load. Spin the dice, and whatever number the dice fit, you will make that many steps with the little alien.


Psych! is a free app where you need to answer trivia questions. Still, your task is to deceive the other players by giving wrong but convincing answers. At the start of the round, you choose a deck of topics.

The deck of cards depends on the real trivia questions themselves – which may come from the fact that you need to invent a false definition of a strange term or to invent what it’s about in a movie. Everyone gives incorrect answers, and the one for which the most significant number of votes at the end of the voting – wins. Android users can get a digital app by downloading it from Google Play.

Neon Shapes

As a child, everyone loved to play Tetris, and it is also available today on phones and various applications. Now, you can earn prizes with the help of the Tetris clone and friends online who play Neon Shapes.

It would be best if you had a combination of luck and strategy, including speed and skill. The main goal is to set up as many shapes as possible. It is possible to earn in various ways, just like in some other games you can find in the Bitcoin gamble reviews. For example, any shape placed grants ten coins, but if you clear the vertical or horizontal line, you’ll score 100 coins.


This board game was declared one of the best free online games in 2016. In addition to the free online version, you can find a classic variation in a board games shop. The game is based on guessing words. You and your friends will be divided into two teams. Each team has one spy who gives hints, and the others should work together and guess codenames.


The game is quite entertaining because it tests how well you can communicate with each other and how well you know each other. This game requires a group of four people minimum. You can use any browser to play and battle for points on a smaller screen.


All participants in the game get a role and location, and only one is a spy, who has no place. Through a series of questions, your task is to find out who the spy is. Also, the spy must know well that he is lying to get out.

It would be good to be all in the video chat via Skype, Zoom, or some other application to see friends’ facial expressions with this game. This option is far better than you call a friend. Spyfall is the crown among multiplayer party games since it supports 3-12 players, so anyone you invite can join.


The global coronavirus pandemic and serious distancing measures have completely redefined terms such as socializing or partying. Instead of in cafes and at home, we find ourselves on calling apps, and one of the better ways to entertain together is with some of the best games to play online. You will talk, laugh, and even argue during the game nights.

With jackbox games, you will not stand silent in two corners of the couch as you would otherwise while helplessly scrolling social networks, searching for a post that will hold your attention for more than two minutes.


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