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The Best Bitcoin Games

It’s no surprise that Bitcoin is becoming a popular part of some games. The digital currency has almost meme-level support in certain places, and the same people sharing those memes almost certainly love video games.

Getting into Bitcoin Gaming is a little strange though, because it’s not the sort of thing grabbing mainstream attention.

So here are some of the most popular Bitcoin Games, and where you can play them.

Bitcoin Dice

A simple dice game, designed to offer up the chance to multiply your bitcoin bets.


Lets you take a chance and potentially win big, offering multipliers up to more than 98 times what you put in. Naturally, the chance to win is tiny for that sort of jackpot, and some will like Bitcoin Dice others can look for safer options to pick from too.

Bitcoin Plinko

Like with the dice game, Bitcoin Plinko is a simple, fun way of gambling with cryptocurrency.


Make your bet and hope to land big as the coin drops.


Make your bet and follow the curve. You can cash out at any time, watching as the multiplier gets higher and higher…


But be careful you don’t wait too long. As soon as the curve crashes, you’re out of luck and you lose.

There are a number of versions of this game available on the web.


Keno is a lot like playing the lottery. Pick your favorite numbers and hope they come up.


The more numbers you pick, the harder to win (but the bigger payout if you do).


Limbo is a numbers game where you’ve got to be brave. Type a payout and if the random payout is higher than that,  you win.

It’s simple, quick and becoming more popular at Bitcoin casinos.


HiLo is similar to Limbo in that you have to guess whether the numbers coming up are higher or lower than the last.

Using a deck of cards, the player can choose to bet on the next card being worth more or less than the one they an already see.


People who love the Windows classic Minesweeper will know exactly what to expect here.

Like in that original game, you need to clear a selection of spaces in a grid, but hidden within are a number of explosive mines. If you hit a mine, your Bitcoin will be gone.

This is getting more popular at online Bitcoin casinos, and some are trying to spice it up with the inclusion of things like diamonds too.


Perhaps the simplest game in the world, played by adults and children for centuries.

Will the next coin flip come up tails or heads? Yes, it’s as easy as that.

The Best Bitcoin Games – Conclusion

This is a new area for the gaming industry, but one that is growing fast.

As more and more people start to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies become more popular, you can bet that Bitcoin casinos are going to keep expanding.

These simple games are built for fun, thrills and a simple understanding.


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