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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes First Impressions

I checked out the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes demo when it came out and really liked it. And the full game is out and thanks to Nintendo Canada, we have a review copy. Here are my first impressions of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes for Nintendo Switch!


I enjoyed what I played of the Fire Emblem Three Hopes demo. I didn’t finish the demo, but that didn’t matter. The full game let me use my save from right where I left off!  This is such a great feature. Oh, and because I had a save for Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Three Houses, I got some extra items too. Neat!

So I started off right where I left off: with my favorite Three Houses character Edelgard having started a freaking war and my character trying his best to help out. The storyline is pure Fire Emblem. Its very complicated and intense. There’s tons of dialogue. Three Hopes really feels like I’m playing a sequel to Three Houses.

There’s a base camp that I can wonder around in. I think I mentioned it in my preview for the demo, but toward the end of my time with the demo and in the full game the base is so much bigger. It feels like the base from Three Houses…maybe even better too! I can fully explore the base by walking around and visiting shops and there are lots of characters that are standing about. The base feels more like a living breathing mini town! In Three Houses, I had a base that I could walk around in between battles. That’s exactly what Three Hopes has here. It’s a huge area and there are tons of things to do when I not in the middle of battle.

For instance, I can train my characters to level them up, eat a meal with them, do chores, private conversations away from town with them, level up the base, and more. The base in Three Hopes is so impressive. Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes feels like a sequel to Three Houses rather than a spinoff.

Yes, the combat is totally different. It is action based, not strategy based. Though there are some strategy elements to it. I especially love the strategy game style world map where you choose missions.


Sometimes you can actually choose strategies that you want to do in a battle. One battle I took part in recently had several! I decided to choose the ones to recruit characters but I could’ve gone a different way. The strategies are not available in every battle but when they pop up, they make battles more interesting and could possibly add a lot of replay value to some battles.

I’m amazed by Fire Emblem Three Hopes so far. The out of battle stuff you can do is jaw dropping. Yes I like the combat, but I’m looking forward to the base stuff more. I love that the developer decided to make Three Hopes into a full Fire Emblem experience. This game isn’t Three Houses, but its pretty close!

I will have more to say about Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes in my full review of the game next week. Stay tuned to!


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