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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Demo Thoughts

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is coming out on June 24th. There is currently a demo available for the game and I checked it out. Here are my thoughts on Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hope so far.blank

A demo of Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is out right now. Three Hopes is a sequel, of sorts, to Fire Emblem Three Houses. They are set in the same universe, though they have completely different battle systems. Three Houses a strategy rpg, while Three Hopes is an all-out action game.

The demo lets you choose from three different paths and play for awhile. I haven’t finished the demo yet but from what I played, Three Hopes feels like a Fire Emblem game even though it doesn’t have the traditional combat. The story still has tons of dialogue: lots of drama and intrigue. The characters still level up and change classes. You can buy items from the convoy and even do team up moves during battle! If you like Three Houses, you will most likely enjoy Three Hopes.

Yes, the battle system does take a bit of getting use too. In Three Hopes, the combat is combo based, hitting different buttons to string attacks together. You can also use magic. There is plenty of exploring during the missions too. You can find chests to unlock with keys you win and take on side missions.

In between battles, you explore a camp and talk to your allies much like you could in Three Houses. The demo gives you a lot of content and best of all your progress will carry over to the full game!

I will play more of the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes and may even have more to share with you about the demo. Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes’ full release is fast approaching. If you’re interested in the game, you should totally check out the demo! Its available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop.

Stay tuned to for more on Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes!


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