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Cars 3: Driven to Win Review in Progress Part 2

Cars 3: Driven to Win in Progress Part 2

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We have been busying playing Cars 3: Driven to Win on the Nintendo Switch, and have been loving every minute of it! If you haven’t see our impressions on the first half of the game, you can read them here. Today, we will be looking at the final two modes: Best Lap Challenge and Playground mode. We will finish things off by talking about customization and the achievements and objectives you will want to complete!

Best Lap Challenge

Best Lap Challenge is pretty much what it sounds like, but I think Avalanche Studios has taken this a step further and made it much more user friendly. Instead of being limited to three laps – like you are in Mario Kart when you are going for the high score – Cars 3: Driven to Win allows you to set the number of laps you plan to attempt, allowing you to do more without unnecessary load screens and the like. It’s a small touch, but being able to knock of 10 laps straight without reloading the map and challenge is fantastic.

As a fair warning, these best lap challenges are not easy. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve yet been able to snag 3 stars on any given Best Lap Challenge!


If you are a fan of the Radiator Springs level that you can drive around in if you are playing Disney Infinity, you’ll really enjoy playground mode in Cars 3: Drive to Win. It functions much the same, even allowing you to participate in some stunt challenges around the map with friends. It’s not a mode I particularly enjoy as there doesn’t seem much of a purpose to it, but my kids love it, aimlessly driving around to know where.

For younger kids, I can definitely see the appeal. With no where to go, kids can drive as recklessly as they want knowing there isn’t first, second, or third, and no one is speeding up behind them trying to take them down. It’s not a necessary mode that necessarily adds value to the content, but it is welcomed.


Completing Objectives

To progress in Cars 3: Driven to Win, players will be required to complete a number of objectives. Completing objectives opens up new game modes, unlocks ‘bosses’ to defeat, and gives you new cars and new customization options for the cars you do own.

Hoping into each race feels a lot like Mario Kart, in fact. Once you completed 1/4 of the missions or so, you’ll notice lots of customization options will be available to you each time you load a race. Everything from what horn you use, to what type of sparks come out of your car when boosting can be customized to your liking. Again, we aren’t talking about a game changer here in terms of value for money, but it is the attention to detail and the extra content that’s appreciated here.


On the service, the studios behind Cars 3: Driven to Win produced and published a very admirable racing title that will have huge appeal with kids. However, it is the minor additions that really make Driven to Win such an outstanding title. No, it’s not Mario Kart, and perhaps it will never be. But Mario Kart can learn a few things from this title, most importantly, the ability to jump into a new mode or track without hoping back to the main menu and starting the process over again.

Those behind Cars 3: Driven to Win should be immensely proud of the title they put out. My kids are having a blast with this title, and admittedly, I’m having a great time too!



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