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Top Amazing GTA 5 Mods To Try In 2024

In Grand Theft Auto V on PC, players can dramatically change and improve the gameplay by installing mods. Modders have been an active part of the game since its release in 2013, developing an extensive modding community that has produced an array of mods that will let you adjust GTA’s graphics, mechanics, weapons, vehicles and more to your taste.


If you are about to roleplay as a police officer, turn Los Santos into the battleground, or just try to make the game look more real, mods will enable you to personalize the PC version of GTA 5 into the game that you want it to be. Here are the best mods in 2024, which can be used to have tons of fun in the huge open world of Los Santos and Blaine County.

How To Properly Install and Manage GTA 5 Mods

Before jumping into specific mods, it’s important to understand how to install and manage mod files properly. Handling GTA 5 mods incorrectly can result in crashes, save file corruption or other issues – so caution is warranted. Here is an overview of the safe GTA 5 modding procedure:

  • Use the OpenIV tool rather than directly altering game files. OpenIV handles mod packages, archives, and downgrades files safely.
  • Activate OpenIV’s “Edit Mode” before making any changes to GTA 5’s directories. This prevents overwrites.
  • Install mods in a separate GTA 5 mods folder rather than overwriting base game files directly. Keeps things organized.
  • Initially, only enable one new mod at a time to identify any conflicts or crashes from combinations.
  • Always create a backup of your vanilla GTA 5 game files in case you need to verify integrity or reinstall.

As long as you take precautions, such as using the appropriate modding tools, installing them in a separate folder, and testing mods incrementally, enhancing GTA 5 with mods is a very straightforward process with huge payoffs.

Best GTA 5 Mods to Download and Play Now

Let’s dive into some of the most amusing and entertaining mods that really let you go wild in GTA 5’s sandbox.

GTA 5 Online Missions for Single Player

Tired of the same old story mode missions? This mod adds a batch of new high-quality missions ported straight over from GTA Online. Now, you can enjoy all that extra content without dealing with griefers and cheaters in multiplayer lobbies.

The side missions introduce dozens of hours of new content, with separate missions having their vehicles and weapons across different levels of difficulty. Moreover, you can play it as a single player or with friends, teaming up to win. If you have been playing GTA V campaign so many times that you can’t count the times, this mod gives you a fresh perspective and adrenaline.

Cops: Back on the Beat

This clever mod amps up the challenge of police chases by improving GTA V’s lackluster AI. Instead of ramming your car once and giving up, cops will intelligently try to box you in and deploy spike strips for a much more intense showdown.


Additional police units also join larger pursuits, making losses feel properly earned. Customization options even let you increase cop numbers, tweak their damage resistance or weapon accuracy, and more for the perfect challenge.

Overall, Cops: Back on the Beat makes antagonizing the LSPD a battle of wits again. No more lame, unfulfilling chases where you escape unscathed in 30 seconds.


While a simple mod, the GTA V FoV (field of view) tool is a must-have for enjoying the scenery and action during chaotic rampages. By default, the game uses a narrow FoV that feels restrictive and closed in.

This mod expands the camera view significantly (up to 120 degrees) so you can better take in the world around you. Driving feels faster and more immersive, firefights become more intense, and the enhanced perspective heightens the thrill of crazy stunt jumps.

It may seem minor, but once you try a wider FoV, you won’t want to go back.

ProjectRELOAD Texture Overhaul

What better way to create havoc than with a gorgeous high-fidelity graphics overhaul? The ProjectRELOAD mod gives GTA 5’s textures and environments a major face-lift for incredible visuals that rival modern AAA games.

It tweaks over 15,000 textures for crisper details, richer colors, enhanced lighting, realistic weather, volumetric clouds, and more eye candy. From particle effects to vegetation and shadows, everything looks substantially better.

Wreaking mayhem has never looked so beautiful. ProjectRELOAD really pushes GTA V’s graphics to the bleeding edge while retaining solid performance thanks to various optimization tweaks.


Properly configuring GTA 5 for mods takes trial and error. Gameconfig streamlines things with an intuitive interface for modifying graphics settings, memory allocation, plugin limits, and, more specifically, for stability with mods. Tweak away without crashes.

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul – E.R.O

Havok’s Euphoria engine powers GTA V’s signature ragdoll physics for immersive chaos. However, the vanilla implementation leaves a lot to be desired. E.R.O. (short for Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul) takes realism and ridiculousness to the next level for way more over-the-top fun.



The mod adds a dizzying array of new features for enhanced reactions from NPCs and your character during fights, crashes, explosions, and other calamities:

  • Dynamic limb dismemberment from gunshots or melee attacks
  • Location-based injuries like limping after taking leg damage
  • Enhanced collision reactions for characters and vehicles
  • Better death animations and longer-lasting ragdolls
  • Characters can be revived after being knocked out
  • And much more for dynamic pandemonium

Sending pedestrians flying with a tank or sniping off limbs adds a whole new layer of chaotic fun with E.R.O. installing. Euphoria was always meant for ludicrous emergent gameplay like this!


The GTA 5 mod community is so lively that there are no limits to what the game can offer. From improving the gameplay components to unleashing unrest in the city of Los Santos, these mods allow you to personalize and play GTA 5 in a way you have never experienced before. You know how to install mods properly and create backups. Whether you choose to roam the streets of Los Santos or simply do whatever floats your boat, it’s up to you!


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