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Top 10 Camera Shots in GTAV

Rockstar’s masterpiece may only be a few days old, but that’s plenty time for the internet to explore Los Santos and Blaine County with a fine tooth comb. The addition of a camera phone, with the ability to upload snapped shots to the Rockstar Social Club, has led to some interesting -and often times bizarre- images of San Andreas.

We know the game is full with many easter eggs, secrets and unusual characters. It’s these little things gamers are photographing right? Nope. As with most things on the web, it’s all about tits, sex, nudity and animal sex. Half of the Top 10 images on the Snapmatic page are of the sexual nature. C’mon people! Where’s your sense of decorum?

This Top 10 list of images feature some NSFW content. I have blurred the potentially offending parts in all images that required censoring. If you’re ok with nudity however, feel free to click on the censored image to bring up the uncensored version. At least you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ve also added the location of each image just in case you want to find them for yourself. Just click on the map to expand it.



top 10 10-2

top-10-10-locationNo, this isn’t a whale beached up on the coast. Snapped by Juanjo_Crvl from Columbia, this image proves that not all ladies in San Andreas are model material. To find this robust woman, head down to Océano Pacífico during the day. I doubt you’ll have too much trouble finding her. She’s hard to miss.





top 10 9

top-10-8-locationThese two cheeky chaps can be found near a body of water at El Burro Heights and were photographed by oOSNAK3ATEROo from the United States.





top 10 8 (censored)

click for uncensored version


This interesting scene with Chop and his companion is, in fact, no secret and everyone who plays the single player will eventually stumble upon it because it happens almost unavoidably during an early Franklin mission. The deed itself isn’t the only humorous thing during this moment though. Franklin’s response to what he sees is what cracked me up. “That’s not a female dog Chop!!”




top 10 7

top-10-7-locationIt looks like not all zombies were eradicated from Red Dead Redemption’s DLC. One of them has made his way over to San Andreas. This creature of the night was snapped by bigfriends6650 and can be found roaming the streets of Downtown Vinewood.





top 10 6 (censored)

Click for uncensored image

top-10-6-locationYou’d be forgiven for thinking Rockstar would hide this kind of scene (especially since the controversial Hot Coffee mod from SA created headlines), but nope. This sex scene will probably be seen by most players as it plays a big part of a Strangers & Freaks side-mission. I’m not quite sure how yummylook from USA managed to take a picture of this on his phone because it’s shown in a cutscene. Perhaps he found a way to get inside the garden without triggering the cutscene.




top 10 5 (censored)

Click for uncensored image

top-10-5-locationA topless woman lying on a lounger in Vinewood Hills. There’s no doubt she has the right to flaunt her assets, but did sundayisok from the United States have the right to take a photo of her and upload it to the web? Yes, yes of course he did.. and I’m sure many are glad he did.





top 10 4

top-10-4-locationWell well well. We know Trevor is a bit mental, just a bit. This image also shows us that he has a soft side too. Silky soft in fact. The image was captured by nervouscomb59934,and it really brings out Trevor’s feminine side. Absolutely no idea where he found those sexy apparel. Not sure if I really want to know either. Just back off, and walk away slowly.





top 10 3 (censored)

Click for uncensored image

top-10-3-locationWe’ve all been there. We’ve all gotten that ‘special treatment’. However, bartabac63 was considerate enough to take out his phone and take a picture of her for all of the internet to drool over. Did you know you can have multiple girls in there with you, not just one? Although it does make it very difficult to spot the bouncer amidst all the flesh in front of you, so expect to get thrown out if you get a bit too touchy-feely with the girls.




top 10 2

top-10-2-locationIt’s a shark.. in the middle of the road in Plaice Pl. How LeathalCrazydog managed to get the aquatic beast so far in-land is beyond me. I’m guessing that he somehow coaxed the shark onto the beach, where the unfortunate animal became stranded. Then he used a dumper truck to pick him up and take him where ever he wants. Whatever the method he chose, it’s a pretty good photo. Even Trevor looks a bit surprised by it.




top 10 1 (censored)

Click for uncensored version

top-10-1-locationYou may have heard about them on the radio. A nudist cult can be found near Mt. Chiliad for those of you willing to see a bit more than you bargained for. Taken by German player guilty69, this picture shows just how far Rockstar are trying to push the boundaries. I personally haven’t seen this nude guy yet, but I assume there’s more than just one nudist in and around that area. Give it a few days, there’ll no doubt be many more of these shots appearing on the Snapmatic Most Popular page.



 So there you have it. Just a small taste of what players have been privy to in San Andreas. It’s also a testament of just how shallow some gamers are. Strippers, dogs humping, outdoor sex and full frontal nudity is what everyone wants to see apparently. What about the Alien buried in the ice during the Prologue, or perhaps the sign at Mt. Chiliad telling the player to return when they’ve beaten the story, or the map of Mt. Chiliad which shows a network of tunnels hidden within. Rockstar publically stated pre-release that they’ve painstakingly created a living, breathing city with loads of interesting things to find. Everyone is too focused on nipples to care about that other stuff apparently.

I should mention however that the Top Rated images are constantly changing. With millions of avid fans currently playing the game it’s inevitable that some of the images shown here may have dropped out of the top 10 by the time you check it.




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