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The 3 coolest moments of the Dota Majors

The long-awaited Dota Major will take place in Stockholm on May 12th through 22nd. Like tennis, the Dota tournament system consists of several (three this season) big tournaments – the Majors.


But the May championship in Stockholm was especially awaited, because while in the big sports spectators were eagerly returning to the stadiums in 2021, in Dota all the major tournaments were held without fans. But that didn’t stop fans from watching the matches, even if it was held online. Moreover, they continued to bet on eSports at That’s one of the advantages of eSports.

Even this year, the first major of the new season (with two more to go) was canceled. It was replaced by regional mini-tournaments and held online.

The best moments of the majors remain in Dota history forever. To get you excited about Dota before the tournament starts, we’ve recalled for you 3 of the coolest highlights from the majors.

Killing Roshan in One Second. EPICENTER Major 2019

Roshan in Dota is one of the most important objectives in the entire game. The loot he holds is so valuable that it easily confuses players, making them nervous and wrong.

And usually killing Roshan is a long, nerve-wracking fumble, since he’s not the easiest target in the game. Plus, it often comes with serious resistance from your opponents.

But not in this case, here Amer “Miracle” al-Barqawi has worked another miracle. While playing Arc Warden, he found the Arcane rune.

Knowing that Roshan will spawn soon, Miracle begins to continuously use a spell that leaves a spirit on the ground. Eventually, having created several dozen such spirits, Miracle kills Roshan in 1 second. The poor thing bursts like a balloon! The world of Dota has never seen anything like it.

And this is not an exaggeration. Yes, you can bet on Roshan’s number of kills a, but no one has come up with a bet on Roshan’s instant kill. Simply because there is only one unique player in the world who has thought of such an action.

Kiev major’s True Sight is a great documentary on the Netflix level

The Major in the Ukrainian capital is still one of the favorites of the entire Dota community. For many, its final was truly equal in importance to the Inta final. Moreover, our team – the legendary golden squad – played in that final. The first major final for our team in the majors!

In the series itself, all 5 maps were played, and the intrigue was maintained until the very last moment, with more plot twists in the course of the series than in Game of Thrones.


A camera crew followed both teams throughout the grand final of the tournament, and cameras were installed inside the booths to film the players during the match. The footage was edited at an insane rate: it wasn’t until April 30, 2017, that the grand final itself ended, and as early as May 19, 2017, the full-length mini-movie was released!

In addition to its historical and artistic value, True Sight is also a treasure trove of memes. It couldn’t have been any other way, after all, this is a group of young guys playing computer games. There was a place for swearing, lively emotion, and strong language.

Lakad MatataĞ°aag! Normalin, Normalin!

Emotion is one of the most important features of a caster in both big sports and eSports. It’s the casters who make the game or the exact moment in the game stick in people’s minds. It’s the commentators and their expressions of emotion that will always remind us of one of the most epic endings in Dota history. It’s the 50-minute showdown between Fnatic and Team Secret, where Fnatic made a surprise comeback.

Fnatic picked the Underlord. Previously, his ultimate teleported the hero and all nearby allies almost anywhere on the map, and that was the key point. In the most important fight, Underlord used his ult and teleported himself and two allied heroes from the centre of the battle directly to the enemy base! Thanks to this clever and unconventional move, Fnatic destroyed the enemy throne and snatched victory.

But it wasn’t the commentators from the English studio that were remembered all over the world, but unknown casters from the Philippines! Why? Because you haven’t heard such a range of emotions in any sports commentary. And we’re not exaggerating!