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Surprising Facts About The LOL eSports Like Anime “Arcane”

In 2019, Riot Games presented a whole series of projects based on lol eSports, some of which have already reached the release. The card game Legends of Runeterra, the mobile Wild Rift and the auto-battler Teamfight Tactics have been released. A fighting game and an action game in the style of Diablo are also in development. But now we will not talk about them.


Together with the games, Riot Games announced the animated cartoon Arcane, which has already started on Netflix. The show consists of three acts of three episodes each, so far only the first is available – the rest will be released a week apart. We managed to watch as many as four episodes and evaluate a new project based on League of Legends.

Describing the plot of a series or movie is an extremely thankless topic, so we will only describe the general concept of the show and give a brief opinion about what we saw.

What Is The Cartoon All About?

The plot focuses on the confrontation between the sunny and technologically advanced Piltover and the underground Zaun. It’s like two sides of the same coin, light and darkness, up and down. In a word, this is how the inhabitants of the two cities call each other: Upper and Lower. The source of the conflict will be the invention of the Hextech craft, with which you can endow any object with magical powers.

Piltover is a wonderful city with well-mannered citizens, developed infrastructure and a bright future. It is no match for Zaun, where crime and lawlessness thrive. “Arcane” leaves already in this contrast, regularly changing the perspective and showing the life of the inhabitants of different megacities in almost every frame.

The main roles went to several characters from League of Legends at once – Jinx, Vi, Jace, Heimerdinger, Victor and Caitlin. The cartoon serves as a kind of bridge between the characters in the MOBA and the description of their backstory on the official website. Agree, finding out the origin of a particular person through anime is much more interesting than in a boring text.

After the first episodes, it will become clear why a conflict began between Vi and Jinx and how the second went off the rails. Another storyline focuses on Jace and Caitlin. The first is a scientist, the main honors student in the class, a real role model. The second is a brave and attentive police officer who guards the inhabitants of Piltover.

Among the heroes, Victor stands out in particular. He is not at all the same as in MOBA. He is kind, a bit shy and shy, but very smart.

That’s all we have to say about the series. There are a lot of actors and variables in it, and delving into each of them in detail can spoil your impression.

The cartoon has exactly one problem

It takes a very long time to accelerate. Yes, Riot Games promised that you can watch Arcane even without a detailed acquaintance with League of Legends . The authors did not lie – the first three episodes slowly bring the viewer up to date, show the life of Piltover and Zaun, and introduce the characters.

Surprisingly, a person familiar with the game (like me) will get bored pretty quickly. The writers reveal the characters slowly, gradually and slowly, which is why there is practically no action in the frame until at least the end of the third episode. In some cases, during the next dialogue, I even wanted to be distracted by the phone.

Immediately I will say an important thing – the action will accelerate by the fourth series. All the characters will finally fall into place, and the script will begin to reveal the conflicts that it laid down over the first three. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend not to be distracted from watching the opening act and watch carefully, especially if you are a League of Legends fan . You will see a lot of fanservice and look at your favorite characters from a completely different perspective. Arcane is already available on Netflix with official Russian voice acting.

Lol Esports Like Anime “Arcane” Is The Future

LOL anime “Arcane” is such among games and work (not even a hobby) that arouses interest, not censure, eSports too.  It is put along with classic sports, and eSports players can finally develop in this area.

The world is inevitably moving forward, proving once again that any hobby can become profitable, that new does not mean bad, and that technology is increasingly becoming an extension of a person and his life.

It is no longer news that esports is the future.  They want to include it in the Olympic program, then there will be Internet broadcasts on TV screens, and expensive contracts will be signed for the right to show eSport-masters thematic website.


Interesting information about e-sports can be found on the eSport-masters website.  These are esports news, schedule of esports tournaments, main lol esports games, players, teams and more.

League Of Legends eSport is considered the most popular esports discipline in the world.  This is a MOBA game.  It was released in 2009 by a company called Riot Games.

Other Top Competitive Games Besides lol eSports

The site features separate tabs for five popular online games that have made the top esports competitive games.

Dota 2

Another MOBA game.  Dota 2 is also considered a classic.  Everyone in Russia knows it for sure.  While the community in this game is not the largest, the prizes for the World Cup are the most impressive.  In one tournament, a team can earn tens of millions of dollars.


The collectible card game Hearthstone began to be considered an esports game right after its release in 2014.  It can be played not only on the computer – on the phone too.  This game is the work of Blizzard Entertainment. Hearthstone is unique in that it is the first and only eSports card game to date.


This game is another brainchild of Blizzard Entertainment.  They initially worked on it as a project that will become one of the eSports disciplines.  It turned out to be a mixture of a team shooter and a MOBA game.  Overwatch is great for beginners who want to try their hand at esports.

On the Play-score website, you can go to the section of each of the games and select the information you are interested in: tournaments, teams, players and transfers.  This will help to delve into the study of games as eSports disciplines, and, perhaps, to discover not only a fan, but also a player in yourself.


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