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More Thoughts From Me #271: Return of the Mii

Mii characters have been around since the Wii. Nintendo used them some of the 3DS, with Tomodachi Life and Miitopia specifically but they haven’t been used them a lot on the Switch…until now! Let’s talk about the return of the Mii.


When Nintendo introduced the Mii on the Wii, well, it was neat concept. Creating your own avatar to use in games like Wii Sports was cool. And then on 3DS, we got games like Tomodachi Life and Miitopia which used Miis in a very creative way.

On the Nintendo Switch, Mii’s have been used some, such as in Mario Kart, but not a lot. Until now!

Miitopia is coming out soon for the Nintendo Switch. I wasn’t a huge fan of the game on the 3DS but I really liked the recent Switch demo. The game seems to look better and play better on the Switch.

Its great to see the Mii characters return in a big way. Plus you can create even better looking Miis in the Switch version of Miitopia.

But Miitopia isn’t the only upcoming game that uses Miis!


Mario Golf: Super Rush will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in June. The game has a Golf Adventure mode where you can create your own Mii character and take them on an adventure.

The Mii will take on golf challenges and boss battles. You can level the character up by assigning points to create the type of character you want.

Not only that but you’ll be able to use your Mii character in Vs mode too!

Its great to see Mii characters return. I’d love to see Tomodachi Life on the Switch too. The Mii might not be the most iconic character(s) that Nintendo created but it is a lot of fun to have your own Mii.

Are you excited for Miitopia and/or Mario Golf: Super Rush?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Its a Mii!


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