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Miitopia Demo First Impressions

Miitopia started life as a Mii-focused rpg on the 3DS. And now is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Today, Nintendo announced and released a demo for the Switch version. I have played the demo some and here are my first impressions of it.


On the 3DS, I was a huge fan of Tomodachi Life. However, I just thought Miitopia was okay. I never really got into it a lot. So I admit when it was announced that the game was coming to the Switch, I was not excited. I wanted Tomodachi Life on the Switch instead. And now there’s a demo of Miitopia and I’ve played it. What do I think so far?

Well, I’m not sure what it is: time or distance or just that I haven’t played a Mii game in awhile but I’m enjoying the Miitopia demo a lot so far!

For those who are not familiar with Miitopia here is the concept: you are a Mii on a journey to save the faces of other Miis. An evil Darklord has been taking the faces of some people in the kingdom. You are tasked with defeating enemies that have those faces and letting them go back to their rightful owners and eventually defeating the Darklord. Yes Miitopia has a completely silly story. Its fun though.

As for the gameplay, you will either create your own Mii or you can choose from Miis found from Nintendo’s server for the game. These were Miis from the 3DS Miitopia. I created my own Daniel Mii and then I picked out Miis from the server to be the NPCs. I’m pretty sure you can change those faces whenever though.

The battle system is your very basic turn-based affair: pick fight, skills or run. I have one partymember so far and its…Adam Roffel! Yes I created a Mii based on’s Editor-in-chief!


I’m a mage and he is a Knight. You don’t control your party members, they auto-attack. You also don’t control your character walking around before battles, though can control a character walking in town. Miitopia reminds me of the 3DS Streetpass rpg a bit, though with many more features.

I also think that Miitopia’s graphics on the Switch are better than they were on the 3DS. I think I may be able to get into this game a bit more now that I have some distance from Tomodachi Life and the 3DS streetpass game. We’ll see!

I have not finished the demo yet. I will likely write another article once I’ve finished it. Have you checked out the Miitopia demo yet?


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