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Mobile Legends Beginner Guide 2021: How to Play Better

There are many legends in this outstanding MOBA game today. They all started out somewhere and worked their way to the top, much like you can also do.


In this Mobile Legends Beginner Guide, we’ll share some MLBB tips and tricks that will boost your gameplay quickly.

Choose Your Role and Heroes

Deciding what role you’ll play is essential to winning, not just for you, but for your team too. Will you support and heal your allies, or do you want to be a tank and take all the damage at the frontline? Once you know which role suits you, choose a hero from those ranks and build them up.


Master and Upgrade Heroes

Now it’s time to master your heroes. The characters have different abilities that connect in some way, and you’ll need to work out which ones work best together. Focus on upgrading the skills that complement your role the most for when your team needs it.

Use Battle Spells

Before you enter a match, you’ll have a chance to select Battle Spells. The best strategy is to select ones that help make for any weaknesses your hero may have. When you reach a specific level, you’ll start to unlock the twelve Battle Spells.

Create Powerful Builds

Another Mobile Legends Beginner Guide tip for your hero is adding a potent build to maximize attack, defense, magic, and support stats. You can also increase movement or jungle skills, which can be excellent for specific matches. Remember, choose the right build that matches the circumstances.


The Lay of the Land

If you’ve never played this MOBA game before, you’ll quickly need to learn how the map works. There are three lanes, namely, bottom, middle, and top. Your team starts on one side of the map, while the opponent is on the other. Each side has towers defending the lanes that you’ll need to take down, and you can summon minions to assist you.


Become One With Your Hero

Now that you have a better idea of how to play the game thanks to our Mobile Legends Beginner Guide, it’s time for you to go out and conquer. You’ll probably lose the first few matches, but you should try to find a team that can help you along the way. Keep you chin up, and your sword shiny!