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Miitopia Finds A New Home on The Switch

Miitopia started its life as a 3DS game. We reviewed that and liked it a lot. We also really enjoyed the Nintendo Switch demo! Now the full Miitopia game is out for the Switch and we have received a review copy of that version too. How is it so far? Is it really different from the 3DS one?


For those who don’t know what Miitopia is, here is what I said in my review of the 3DS version:

“An evil overlord decides to start stealing faces. You must defeat enemies and get those faces back! That…is a basic “understanding” of what this game’s story is. I don’t want to spoil any plot twists for you (there are a couple at least). Nor do I want to spoil the game’s crazy and really fun dialogue.”

Miitopia, of course, stars Miis. These characters look better than ever on Miitopia for the Switch, which gives you more tools than we had on the Wii or 3DS to create these fun avatars.

The story and dialogue, meanwhile, are pretty similar to the 3DS version so far. I have found one new element though…


You get a horse! Not only do you get a horse but you can build that horse and make it look however you want it to look. The horse adds a new element to the game: the Miis will bond with the horse and it can be handy in battles too.

Here is how my horse looks:


Other than the horse, the story and dialogue seem very familiar. Though it doesn’t seem like the dialogue is as repetitive as the 3DS version. At least so far.

Gameplay wise, Miitopia on the Switch is a lot like the 3DS one. The Switch doesn’t have a two screens so the battles and menu are together but the battle system works the same and there is still automatic walking in between battles (expect for in the town).

Miitopia is still a pretty good game. I look forward to playing more of it.  Please stayed for our review of Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch!

Thank you to Nintendo Canada for providing a digital code for this review. Miitopia is now available for the Nintendo Switch!


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