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How to Сhoose a Reliable Online Bitcoin Casino?

The era of crypto casinos 

The world around us is simultaneously transforming, especially after 2020’s COVID-19 outbreak that has changed a lot in the processes of digitalization. Some of the activities that almost 10 years ago were not possible to provide online to date are more comfortable to provide using gadgets and the Internet. For example, the most popular type of casino today – Bitcoin casino is a great alternative to entertain yourself online and even earn some real money. At the same time, crypto gambling is safe and easy to proceed with.


How do Bitcoin casinos differ from other casino types? It has many advantages for players. For example, thanks to the decentralized finance control system, crypto gambling is safe and anonymous. The speed of transactions is very fast – it takes up to 10 minutes to withdraw your winnings. Moreover, the best Bitcoin casinos would cooperate with lead software providers that allow players to get more benefits.

The most important steps to choose a Bitcoin casino

Here are the initial steps that are essential for choosing a respectful crypto casino to play online:

  • Define your purpose – what do you expect to get on the platform? Is it earning money or entertainment?
  • Read the policies regarding money back, support issues, and other rules that regulate gambling processes in the casino you are supposed to choose.
  • Find information about software manufacturers and source some information about them if you are not very familiar with the provider’s rating.
  • Read the reviews left by other users
  • Check out the information about the available payment methods and the terms of depositing and withdrawal
  • Find out about welcome packages, bonuses, and promotions.

Bitcoin casino pitfalls

There are some risks connected to such a tricky activity, such as gambling, and everybody knows that you have to avoid such situations in order to earn money instead of spending them.

Governmental restrictions of some countries do not allow providing crypto gambling and any online casino activities forbidden there, including Bitcoin casinos too. Some gamblers use VPN to avoid such restrictions, however, most of them understand that playing casino with Bitcoin allows avoiding such restrictions so much easier, as it is completely safe and anonymous.

Gambling addiction can become as strong as chemistry addiction to drugs, so you should check your condition, and take long breaks between gambling sessions to avoid addiction.

High taxes that are applied for gambling winnings in some countries make the process frustrating, as you know you would be obliged to give away a big part of your winnings.

Let us admit, there is always a risk of losing money, even when you are not gambling. However, when you entertain yourself in an online casino, the risk of losing funds is higher. To make it safe do not play on gambling platforms that are not trustworthy. If you want to try your luckiness in Crypto Casinos, we recommend you to read an article about Best Crypto Casinos


Signs of the reliable Bitcoin casino

To sum it up we are providing some effective hacks on how to define a respectful online casino:

  • The provably fair system, that allows trustworthy verifying of each transaction gambler provides within the particular online gambling platform. The methods of verification include hashing, random seed generation, and random numbers generation.
  • Payment methods’ variety is a solid sign of respectful online casinos. If you are considering a reliable platform, you will see at least several options of payments for several well-known fiat currencies and a selection of cryptocurrency payment options.
  • Loads of providers and partners. Good casinos collaborate with lead companies that are recognized on an international level. Moreover, the names of casino partners are subject to pride so they do not hide this information.
  • Positive reviews. Pay attention to what other gamblers consider regarding this online casino. Remember, that real reviews cannot be very positive.


To wrap up let us say that the Bitcoin casino industry, as well as any other crypto gambling platform, is still young, but very promising. If you are looking for a respectful online gambling platform to entertain yourself, consider such criteria of choice as reviews, payment methods, software providers, and a provably fair system. We wish you luck in your efforts!

Author’s BIO:

Andrew Clarkson is an expert in the online gambling and betting industry with more than 7 years of experience. His professional life can be called a great example of how a person has turned what was a hobby into a successful career as a gaming consultant and casino adviser.

In addition to his interest in casino gaming, he likes to attend different journalism conferences.

Keeping abreast of the latest sports and online gambling events around the world, he now covers the most interesting topics about popular online casino games, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.


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