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Tricks to Improve Your Online Gaming Through a VPN

The world of online gaming is a constantly-evolving space, one where developers introduce new gadgets and software at breakneck speed to enhance the gaming experience.


Now, to enjoy this innovation to the max, it’s important to remember that a robust cybersecurity system is the best foundation. It’s what will allow you to lose yourself in gameplay, explore fantastical lands, and not have to worry about hackers identifying you as an easy target.

One crucial step you should take is connecting to the Internet through a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, where you can play to your heart’s content under anonymity. A VPN can grant you this anonymity by doing things like encrypting the data you send and receive, bypassing geo-blocking to spoof your location, and spoofing your IP address to make your activity harder to track. That said, there are a handful of best practices you should know before looking for a VPN provider.

Don’t Skimp on Antivirus Software

Even the highest-quality VPN is no replacement for standalone antivirus software that offers real-time endpoint protection, doesn’t take up too much memory, and receives regular updates to keep pace with the latest in cybercrime.

Respected antivirus providers like Malwarebytes that have their own VPNs make for convenient choices. This is because their software will be compatible as it stems from the same developers.

Price as an Indicator of Quality

Free VPNs make promises that are generally too good to be true and lead to dire consequences for their users like malware infections and identity theft.

For example, a free VPN may promise to keep your Internet browsing history anonymous, while at the same time selling your history to third-party advertisers to boost revenue.

You may also encounter free VPNs with built-in adware, which boosts their bottom line by showing you a constant stream of ads that impoverishes gaming fidelity. Other malware like spyware and ransomware may also be present, putting your personal data at risk on a supposedly private connection.

The key here is to partner with a provider that doesn’t depend on shady tactics to fund their operations. You get what you pay for, so make sure to pick a VPN subscription with features that suit your gaming and security needs.

Beware of Lag

As we’ve just learned, if your system runs slower on a free VPN, this may indicate the presence of malware and the need to put your antivirus software to work.

Lack of speed could also indicate that your VPN doesn’t have enough servers to accommodate all of its users. The more servers a VPN has, the more bandwidth there is to share with everyone connecting through them. And with more bandwidth comes a higher-fidelity gaming experience for all. Quickly scan a VPN’s official website for server and average-daily-user counts before making a commitment.

You now know why a VPN is a great way to enhance your online security so you can game in peace. It’s now in your hands to put the main points of this article into practice and turn your Internet connection into the fortress it deserves to be.


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