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How Casinos Are Evolving

Casinos have been around for a long time, but they’re changing every year. While the heart and soul stays the same, everything else seems to be different.


Forty years ago, the idea of playing real money casino games at home was a pipe dream. Over the years that followed, there were occasional games that recreated blackjack or poker, but it was only with the rise of the internet that things began to really change.

Now anybody can play anything they want from the comfort of their own home. They can make a fortune without even unlocking their door. With technology rapidly evolving, seemingly before our eyes, what could be next?

The Rise of Online

Younger folk, brought up on console and PC games, have their fill of challenge and chance. With the rise of the mobile casino app, developers are attempting to turn these classic games of chance into something that generation can grasp onto.

It’s easy enough to create a bet365 account, or something like it, and then suddenly you’re into the world of gambling. It’s as simple as that. But that’s just the start. Developers will be going to the next level to attract gamers into the casino hobby.

There’s some give and take here. For instance, casino owners are looking into more skill-based games, as opposed to the traditional kind of luck casino games. They’re watching the likes of Fortnite very closely. They know they can make a bunch of money – and they don’t even necessarily have to offer up as good a set of odds as they do today.

The rise of online will mean, more than ever, that gambling is something that you do as part of your daily routine, and not necessarily as part of some giant vacation or planned trip.

Of course, that means that the casino experience will need to change as well. Owners know online is the future, but they want their old business to remain viable too. That might mean they start looking at eSports or arcades as a way of being a one-stop shop. More likely though, Las Vegas’s finest will look to become one-stop shops for gamblers, complete with pampering and shopping experiences as appropriate. Anything that can make the casino experience special – and keep people in one space for as long as possible.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Sitting on your phone is nowhere near the same as sitting in a casino. That’s obvious, right? For now.

Imagine an virtual reality MMO, where you can move around a casino, interact with fellow guests and win real money into the bargain. That future might not be all that far off.

VR casinos already exist, but you can expect the technology to keep evolving and evolving. As graphics improve, the casino experience will improve with it. Like, for instance, what about watching a show after finishing up your gambling? What about exact replicas of the most famous casinos, so that those who don’t live in the US can almost experience the real thing?


And naturally, recreation of the casino experience is just the start of it. Once that’s perfected, developers will move their minds to more fantastical ideas. Playing with your favourite film characters in some weird and wonderful location? Poker on a plane? Slots under the sea?

As virtual reality becomes a bigger part of our lives, the VR casino will become more and more tempting. And it’ll happen as the tech gets cheaper and less gamer-friendly apps begin to take off. It’s only a matter of time, but it’s almost certainly the future of gambling for some of us.


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