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Dota 2 Professional Matches Are More Fun To Watch Since They Are Online

When I first started playing Dota 2, the majors didn’t exist, and tournaments were organized by different organizers who run big or small events.


Back then, every team was playing in online tournaments as they still offered lots of money. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for teams not to play online at all. They only do it if they have to go through qualifiers that are exclusively online-based.

Because the pressure of huge crowds in stadiums and arenas doesn’t exist in online Dota, we see players enjoy the game more. They pick unusual hero picks, try out new things, and even play more aggressively as they don’t fear the crowd if they make mistakes.

Additionally, some teams that are huge favorites to win a game might lose one because of high ping. That brings another element of surprise to the game.

Some people go to and look for those matches where they know a team has high ping. There are chances of the underdog winning because of that. Huge payouts are to be made in those matches, as most people will always bet on the favorite.

To me, Dota that was played online was always more fun to watch than the offline one. You see, so many crazy strategies and unusual hero picks that you can’t do anything else but watch it to see how it ends.

The COVID-19 is canceling all offline esports events around the world, and although it’s a horrible thing for the whole world, Dota 2 is reverting back to its roots of online play.

COVID-19 Is Making Dota 2 Enjoyable To Watch

The ESL One Los Angeles was supposed to be a Major tournament, but because of the COVID-19, it turned into an online league. Every day for three weeks, we saw top teams play fun and unique strategies at the highest level.

The WePlay! Pushka League Season 1 is on the way with a $250,000 prize pool, and it’s played online! Some of the matches have been absolutely crazy, and I haven’t had this much fun watching them since Dota 1.

The best game was played between the reigning champions of the world, the TI winners OG, and the latest Major winner, Team Secret. Some of their players are based in South East Asia, some in Africa, some in North America. All of them had to find stand-ins from Europe so that they could play with reasonable latency. Although the players have good latency, they aren’t used to playing in those lineups. They don’t know each other. It’s almost like a brand new team.

The game was a clown fiesta, picks like Riki, Meepo, and everyone was having lots of fun. I won’t spoil who the winner was, as it’s a great watch on YouTube during these lockdown times.

My love for the game was slowly fading, but the COVID-19 and the recent online tournaments have pulled me back in. I enjoy Dota 2 again!



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