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Apps: A few of the best gaming apps around

As technology has advanced throughout the past decade, the use of applications on mobile phones has also increased. Most phones are now smartphones and already come with standard apps such as Facebook and Twitter. But more and more people are now downloading games on their mobiles and table devices. In fact, it is estimated that mobile game revenue will surpass that of consoles by 2018.


Due to the link of Apple IDs and Android accounts, you can now get the same games on both your tablet and mobile phone – providing that they both use either Apple or Android platforms. For example, if you have an iPhone but not an iPad, it won’t work but if you have an Android phone and an Android tablet, you can sync applications across .

We take a look at just some of the many games like 22bet that people play on their phones and tablets , and provide our thoughts on the accomplishment of these applications. Furthermore, we discuss the upcoming Nintendo games that are soon to reach apps and predict just how successful these will be on mobile and tablet devices.

Nintendo games are soon to feature on mobile apps

Back in March, Nintendo confirmed that some of their games were set to be released on mobile apps – with Apple and Android both to receive the games. This means that old school games, including Mario, Legend of Zelda and many more could feature on mobile phones and tablet devices in the not-so-distant future. Although it seems obvious that Nintendo would eventually exploit the application market, many are surprised and looking forward to the release of their classic childhood games.

In fact, the opportunity to flood the market is there for Nintendo. Their games are loved by the masses and are likely to be successful, no matter which ones are released. Clash of Clans, one of the best-selling applications of all time, earned an estimated $1.8 billion in 2014 and that shows just how many people are using mobile games in the current climate. If Nintendo releases their greatest games from original consoles, such as Mario Kart, then they may go on to make an absolute killing.


CSR Racing

One of the bestselling racing games on mobiles, CSR Racing, is available on Android and Apple phones and tablets. On this application, you are a drag racer and have to progress through levels to take over individual cities as you stake your claim as the number one drag racer in the game. Eventually, you can enter the World Series and you must beat the bosses of four different countries before taking on the world champion.

This game is perfect for students, or anybody with a lot of spare time, and it is very difficult to complete. In fact, there are always online races to enter and new cars are added to the system. Therefore, it is almost impossible to complete as the application is forever being updated to cater for those serious gamers.

There are more than 85 licensed cars on the game, but you can always improve each and every car to ensure that your car is the best on the game. They have promotions against other players online, offering incentives to players who can finish in the top 10% of the world. Although the app is free, they earn money through further add-ons throughout the game. For example, you can purchase coins which can then buy you cars rather than racing and taking the time to save money up. This is certainly an addictive game, but can become boring after a while. This is unfortunate because if you don’t play for 24 hours, you can lose your win bonus.


PokerStars app

For those of you who prefer to play online casino games, PokerStars has an application that allows people to play poker and other games against competitors around the world. This app is also available on all platforms and is rated as one of the best poker applications on the internet. PokerStars recently added casino games into the mix, so you can now play on your mobile in addition to their world class poker offering. You can sync the application to your computer through a designated mobile account, while you are also able to access the app on a tablet.


The app itself is very easy to use, and rather self-explanatory and it is free to download. For those who are less familiar with the games, PokerStars offers free versions for players who want to learn a little more about how to play. This is particularly helpful and useful as some other applications do not allow you to have a trial attempt before playing the full version of the game for real money.

The Worms series

Worms was one of the greatest games on the PlayStation consoles back in the early days, and it has been an instant success on mobile phones. Essentially, the game is exactly the same but offers a lot more than the old console game used to. This game is exclusively available on the iPhone but was designed and produced specifically for the iPhone 5. However, it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The mobile version of the game allows users to compete in four player battles, meaning that you can fight against your friends rather than purely up against the CPU. There are six environments that your worms can take battle in, which is highly improved against the older console version and there are up to 50 challenges that users can complete.

Furthermore, they have added action replays, improved visualization and have added a number of new attacking moves for your worms to use in battle. Although this game is highly unrealistic, it is extremely fun to play and is recommended for all ages. Even those who were too young to remember the earlier Worms games will enjoy this one. It has proven to be one of the most popular apps on the entire Apple application store.


Fruit Ninja

This is one of the simplest games on any mobile device, but it is also one of the most downloaded. Free to use, the aim of this game is simple. Your aim is to chop up as many pieces of fruit without hitting the exploding bombs. The game is available on both Apple and Android, but also on other platforms such as PS Vita, Xbox and Windows.


The application has been updated a number of times and the designers continue to add new characters, new gameplay and new fruit into the game. There are now more ways to lose lives, but also more ways to add bonuses to your score. With a number of different types of game, including Classic, Zen, Arcade mode and time trial, it is impossible to get bored of chopping fruit.

With this game, and like so many others, there are in-app purchases. You can buy extra Starfruit to help you boost your scores throughout the game, or purchase an extra life that allows you with the opportunity to redeem yourself and continue from where you left off before dying. Although this isn’t the most exciting of games, it’s certainly one of the most successful mobile games to be released in recent years.


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