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7 Reasons To Start Using Monowheels

Monowheels seem to be one of the hottest trends in transportation now, including in Australia. But this vehicle concept is not new. Electric vehicles were already discovered and used many years ago, including electric scooters and even cars. Because of technological advancement, new features were added and new design versions came up, like monowheels.


This article will cover the basics of monowheels and the important reasons to start using them.

What Are Monowheels? 

Electric monowheels refer to a battery-operated vehicle that uses a single wheel. They’re the modern high-tech version of conventional bicycles with one wheel. Keeping upright in a monowheel requires a certain skill, so some machines are equipped with an extra-wide wheelbase to promote better stability.

There are two types of electric monowheels. They are:

    • Electronic skateboard design: This looks like an electronic skateboard with a single wheel located between the footrests. An electric monowheel works by using the footrest and leaning forward to accelerate or move faster and by leaning back to slow down. There are certain stores offering electronic monowheels in Australia. You could also find a great deal of this online to be delivered in Australia.
  • Unicycle design: Another version of onewheel products in Australia works like a unicycle. The pedals are situated on the side of the wheel, acting as the accelerator as you lean forward and the decelerator as you lean backward.

Reasons To Start Using Monowheels

Monowheels are claimed to be safe and reliable transportation compact vehicles with plenty of benefits, discussed below:

  • They’re Easy To Get Around During The New Normal

Electric monowheels seem to be transforming the transportation sector perhaps due to their effective and in-demand application during the pandemic crisis. Instead of commuting or using public transportation with a bunch of people, riding monowheels might be ideal to avoid contracting and transmitting viral infection and other airborne diseases.

  • They Could Encourage People To Stay Active

Because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, many people have been confined at home, feeling isolated, bored, and unhealthy. As such, some have turned to using scooters, e-bikes, and other electric vehicles to get around and stay physically active at the same time. Electric monowheel riders also get to exercise when operating the vehicle by leaning forward and backward. It’s like what you could get from biking but without too much effort.

  • You Could Save Money With Monowheels

You could save money on fuel using monowheels. Because they’re electric powered, you just have to plug the vehicle into an electric outlet to charge. Observing the right charging intervals according to the manufacturer’s instruction could significantly extend the service life of your monowheel. You could save more money on gasoline using it, instead of your car, for running short errands.

  • They’re Environmentally Friendly 

Electric vehicles seem to be getting popular worldwide, and they’re thought to be the future of transportation, most especially because of their good environmental impact. Monowheels, scooters, and other types of electric-powered vehicles are said to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which usually come from the internal combustion of cars and other fuel-powered vehicles.

  • It’s Easy To Avoid Heavy Traffic

Traffic jams have always been a daily struggle for most people, but there might just be a way to avoid this now. Electric vehicles are slowly becoming accepted as convenient device to use in urban cities. And in some parts of the world, policy measures and designated areas for electric vehicles have been imposed, perhaps as a recognition of their benefits to motorists.

  • They’re Generally Safe 

Electric vehicles are claimed to be safe for use. But, of course, first-time riders need to practice using monowheels in safe places like empty parking lots before using them on busy streets.

Here are some safety tips when using monowheels:

  • Check your local ordinance and state legal guidelines on the use of unconventional electric vehicles, such as recommended rider zones. In Australia, not all states permit the use of these devices on roads, so check which states these are allowed.
  • Study how the vehicle works by checking the manufacturer’s instructions. Be careful in handling the mains, connection cable, or charger of the vehicle, and don’t let them come in contact with water to avoid electrical shock.
  • Wear safety gear like a helmet.
  • Avoid areas where cars and trucks tend to drive at high speeds like highways.

The legs of a young woman ready to ride an electric unicycle, abbreviated EUC, against the background of evening or morning city traffic. An unrecognizable woman on an electric monowheel.

  • They’re A Fun Ride 

Electric monowheels are a fun ride because they’re generally built for entertainment purposes, perfect for parks and walkways. You get to see the full view of the surroundings, feel the sun’s warmth, and breathe fresh air while riding especially early morning.


Electric monowheels are unconventional types of vehicles that could safely and quickly get you to your destination. You could avoid heavy traffic, protect your health, save money, and preserve the environment by considering using this vehicle as a mode of transportation when running errands or going to work in your local area. Of course, it’s important to take extra safety precautions by learning how to effectively use the vehicle and wearing protective gear before using it on busy streets.



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