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Just Dance 2021 in a COVID-19 World

We all know about Just Dance, it’s been a major mainstay in the gaming world since 2009. It’s been on every single console since then, and some even long after they are “dead”. I’ve seen demonstrations at every gaming and entertainment tradeshow, demos in stores, ads on youtube, hell we would even look forward to the extravagant dance numbers each E3.

But have we stopped to think about what Just Dance could mean for kids in 2020?

During 2020, 62% of kids were less physically active and 79% of kids were spending more time on screens. Meanwhile, teens and youth were suffering mentally from being unable to see friends combined with the decrease inactivity. While it’s hard to take kids away from screens, what you can do, is give them a reason to be active and social while online.

Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2021 is the perfect family gift this year as it can get everyone moving and the co-op mode allows the user to connect with friends or perhaps family who they haven’t seen since last winter and have fun dance-offs. As a parent who is currently having his three daughters take advantage of distance learning, we are constantly looking for ways to make things as “normal” as possible. Ironically enough when this all started my middle child (who was 13 at the time) broke out the old Wii console and popped in numerous copies of just dance. So I was like well, I should look into the newest one and was able to get 2020 at a good sale price. Both she and my youngest (5) have spent countless hours dancing, laughing, and moving around. An investment well worth it all summer long.


Now that school has resumed the kids are still expected to participate in gym class even though socially distant. So rather than have them just walk (which weather permitting is fine, but soon it won’t be) or racing to clean up laundry or toys, we have used Just Dance as their exercise that they actually like doing.

So just an option out there for fellow parents that if you are looking for a fun time to make you forget about things lately, this is a great, easily accessible option for tons of people out there. On November 12th the latest entry Just Dance 2021 will be dropping everywhere with all-new tracks to get you up and shaking that booty such as:

  • All The Good Girls Go To Hell – Billie Eilish
  • Blinding Lights – The Weeknd
  • Dance Monkey – Tones and I
  • Senorita – Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello


and much much more. So be sure to check it out everywhere on November 12th!


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blank Kevin Austin has been in gaming journalism in one way or another since the launch of the Nintendo Gamecube. Married and father of 3 children he has been gaming since the ripe age of 6 when he got his first NES system and over 30 years later he is still gaming almost daily. Kevin is also co-founder of the Play Some Video Games (PSVG) Podcast network which was founded over five years ago and is still going strong. Some of his favorite gaming series includes Fallout and Far Cry, he is a sucker for single player adventure games (hence his big reviews for Playstation), and can frequently be found getting down in one battle royale or another. If it's an oddball game, odds are he's all about it.

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