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Rain On Your Parade

Look, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I wrote an article telling you about Rain On Your Parade. You knew this jerk Cloud was out to get you. He’s been stalking you and your Nintendo Switch. It all ends on April 15th. There’s no stopping him. Please read this review and find out how he’s going to rain on your parade!


In Rain On Your Parade, a jerk Cloud wants to ruin everybody’s day. You can play as that jerk Cloud if you want or you can just get all grumpy about it. I suggest taking control of the Cloud. There’s tutorials along the way to help you learn your new powers and oh so many levels to defeat.

The levels in this game range from objective heavy: if you don’t do this, that, and oh ya that you’ll fail to a level where you don’t move at all. The variety in Rain On Your Parade is insane. The fun in this game is even more insane.

The Cloud may start off as a simple cloud trying to rain on everyone, but he will gain more powers and get to do more than you can possibly imagine…


There is so much to do and so much to unlock in Rain On Your Parade. For instance, I love the outfits that your Cloud gets and how customizable he is! Just look at the screenshot up there. Thats MY cloud. Isn’t he great? I drew the face myself. Shut up.

There are other neat things to unlock and some very special levels. I’m not spoiling them! Rain On Your Parade’s story is goofy and a complete joy. So is the gameplay! No review at all can do this game justice.

I’m giving it my best effort but honestly, you should just stop reading this review now and go buy this game. Its available for pre-order!

What? You’re still reading? You wanna know more? Okay.


Rain on Your Parade is a good looking game. Many of the characters, including your Cloud, have a Yoshi’s Crafted World look to them, basically cardboard cutouts. Though there are buildings and people who look more solid. The world map is like a giant diorama. I saw no major glitches (and not too many minor ones) and while there is an occasional weird blur effect, overall, the graphics are cute and fit the game well.

The music in this game is good too. Though the music in your personal space (yes, Cloudy has a home) can get a little annoying so be a music critic and hit that stereo with some lightning. Ah, the power of the Cloud! You know you want it!

Rain On Your Parade is a must have game. Its a silly, goofy, joyful, chaotic game that will make you smile and laugh. So don’t be a grump about that jerk cloud. Instead, be the Jerk Cloud!

Rain On Your Parade gets a 10 out of 10.

Thanks to Unbound Creations for providing a review code for this game! Rain On Your Parade will be available on the Nintendo Switch eshop on April 15th.


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