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Yub Nub Squad Pack and Ee Chee Wa Maa! Squad Pack Review – Star Wars Shatterpoint

Over the past two months, our Star Wars: Shatterpoint table has been fairly quiet, but an influx of new boxes to review has got us back up and running. In this article, we are going to take a look at my most anticipated characters to be added into the game, the Ewoks! Let’s dive and see how the Yub Nub Squad Pack and the Ee Chee Wa Maa Squad Pack could help your squads going forward!

First things first, however. We have to talk about terrain. I’m so happy that Shatterpoint included so much terrain early, as it allowed players to really create a great area for their skirmishes to exist in. However, it’s hard to not want more once you have painted Ewoks on the table – they seem so out of place with the terrain already available for the game. So, for our games, we improvised, and we suggest you do as well. I’m sure Ewok village terrain is coming, but until then, there are tons of ways to create a very satisfactory location for your upcoming Ewok battles!

Like with the launch of Padme, I wasn’t sure how impactful all of these Ewoks would be when up against foes like Darth Vader and Count Dooku. As I was with Padme, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed playing with these characters. It is worth noting here that I only play Shatterpoint for fun, so I don’t enter competitive tournaments and things like that. My experiences with these characters are very much in a laid back setting where the goal is to have fun first and foremost. Winning is just extra!

Like with the Mandalorians and the Troopers, Ewoks are better when they are together, which means there are some great synergies when using force points, allowing other Ewok units to make movement actions outside of their turns. There are also synergies that allow Ewoks to heal and gain hunker tokens as well. As they are not the most powerful of characters, they are likely going to take damage often, so having the ability to health every once in a while as a result of a bonus action from another character is huge. Plus, having those extra dice for defense rolls is pretty good as well.

Another way Ewoks are stronger together is when one becomes wounded, characters like Chief Chirpa get to roll an attack dice and perform an additional action. Sure, it sucks to have on of your allied Ewoks hurt, but these additional actions can change the tide of the struggle like allowing players to reposition (which can be done while engaged) and do 5-Dice attacks. Not bad, my furry little friends!

blankHere’s the thing – the Ewoks are great and can do some really cool things. Atomic Mass Games has made them very usable in any game of Shatterpoint, although I would hesitate to use an entire team of them. You will want character that can deal some damage and do other things that Ewoks cannot, which is why I think you see Leia included in the the Ee Chee Wa Maa Squad Pack. Leia is a great addition to this package, not only thematically around the sixth movie, but also because she adds another element that the Ewoks just don’t bring to the table.

I love having a mixture of Ewoks with Luke Skywalker (from another Squad Pack, review soon), but mixing them with Leia works really great as well. Add in R2D2 and C3PO and you have a very thematic, and fun to play, group on the table.

With each of these releases, we always like to comment on the sculpt quality. I think we are beginning to sound like a broken record, because the quality of these figures are so amazing. Long after we’ve moved on from Star Wars: Shatterpoint, these figures are going to be proudly displayed on my shelf because of how great they look. They are truly amazing, and I’m always excited to see what Atomic Mass Games does next. For this set, however, we cannot recommend it enough! If you wanted to play as Ewoks in a table top Star Wars game, now is your chance.


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