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Jedi Hunters Squad Pack – Star Wars: Shatterpoint Review

Over the weekend I got my first taste of using the Jedi Hunters Squad Pack. My squad included the Grand Inquisitor, Reva, and the Fifth Brother. My father-in-law did a great job painting up the miniatures, and they looked phenomenal on the table.


Understandably, I paired up the inquisitors with Darth Vader, a worthwhile match in my opinion. But while it was also the first time I was personally using Darth Vader in my squad, it was actually the Inquisitors that made the biggest impact on the game.

Most games of Shatterpoint follow a pretty standard trajectory for me, at least I would say 60-65% of the time. If you happen to win the first Struggle, you are likely to win the third as well for the victory (generally losing the second). Knowing this, I wanted to have a good showing against Luminara and Anakin, but it wasn’t going as planned.

It didn’t take long for my opponent to be only 2 points away from winning struggle one, with the cube needing to move 7-8 places my way before I could achieve victory myself. Then the Grand Inquisitor stepped up and changed the fortunes of the first round.

Between the Grand Inquisitors ability to take control of an objective away from the other team, the the Fifth Brother’s power that lets him win ties when contesting an objective, my team found a way to go from 1 controlled active objective to 4 controlled active objectives in just two turns.

The first positive thing I did with this squad was moving the Grand Inquisitor to the dead middle of the table, which basically made sure he was always within ‘5’ of all the other objectives. This allowed me to manipulate the objectives I knew I could control, which propelled me to victory.


I’ve played almost a dozen or so games of Shatterpoint, and no struggle ever felt that good. I was almost at a point of conceding the first struggle and planning for the second, but some timely manoeuvrers made winning the struggle one a very real possibility. Even my opponent, who ultimately lost the struggle and the game, was fascinated by how I had perfectly made all the abilities of my Inquisitors work to pull a victory from the clutches of defeat.

This struggle was over, and a well used squad turned things around. I’m not writing this to say that the Inquisitors are overpowered, or too good to use – in fact, I’d argue that other factors led to this amazing win being a possibility. But it did require these specific units and the abilities they had, and it was really amazing when it played out. This is why I continue to play Shatterpoint, and why I will continue to play this game for the foreseeable future!


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