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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – The Next Cross Platform Bestseller

Get ready for Team Ninja’s next masterpiece! Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is finally out and it is available on multiple 8th and 9th generation environments.

The game which many call “the new Nioh” is expected to sell multiple copies and it is expected to earn a platinum status in no time. Unlike the Nioh stories which took place in Japan, Wo Long’s story unfolds in China during the Three Kingdoms period.


The look and feel of the game will be very similar to that of Nioh and this should not come as a surprise, as Nioh’s gameplay was amazing. After all, Team Ninja is popular for creating user-friendly Souls-like games that are difficult enough to give players the satisfaction they need but not difficult enough to lead the players to frustration.

The Perfect Combination of Chinese Culture and the Supernatural

Gaming developers who create games with ancient Chinese and supernatural themes normally do pretty well in terms of sales. Indeed, you’ll find the same kind of mystique with the similarly titled Wu Long online slot, which features Dragons and Mystic Temples, as well as other artifacts of ancient Chinese culture.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty does not go far from that formula. You get to fight mythical creatures, fight together with or confront popular Chinese characters and you get to use weapons and armour with graces based on Chinese legends.

What Do Reviewers Think about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Most reviewers believe that Wo Long will become one of the most popular games of the year. This action RPG lets the player decide how the character will evolve through the game’s journey. You get to pick what to wear, what weapon to use and what type of accessories and spells you will use in order to complete your missions.

The game will offer players hundreds of hours of gameplay and a lot of post-game value via its multiple New Game+ run-through.

A Bit of Souls, a bit of Nioh and a bit of Ninja Gaiden

If you are expecting Wo Long to be easy, then you will probably be disappointed. Team Ninja’s latest product is going to be hard, it is going to be fast-paced and it is going to require multiple attempts in order to complete a mission.

The fact that the game is difficult should not discourage players. The beauty of all Souls-like games is that they push the player’s gaming capabilities to the limit. Wo Long will not be as hard as Elden Ring but it will probably be just as hard as Nioh.


Players will definitely find ways to “cheese” opponents, but if you are careless, then you will probably die over and over again.

Is There Any Chance for a New Nioh?

The two Nioh games were amazing and even though it has been years since their release, they are still selling like crazy. However, players would like to see a third addition to the series.

For now, it does not seem like the players will get what they want, but there have been rumors that Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have started thinking about creating a Nioh 2. Unfortunately, all we have right now are rumors. At the same time, it does not feel likely that the developer would release a third Nioh when Wo Long is only starting its life cycle and when the developer is on the final stages of the Rise of the Ronin, which is scheduled for release at some point during 2024.


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