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Snipperclips A Must Own on Nitnendo Switch

Snipperclips A Must Own on Nitnendo Switch

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Excellent About Rating

Earlier this week, we published our review of 1-2 Switch, and noted that despite their best efforts to market this as a full retail release, that title fell flat pretty quickly. The same cannot be said about Snipperclips, however. With a price tag of only 19.99, Snipperclips is the must own title for Nintendo Switch, especially if you want to show what the Joy-Cons – separate from the console – can do.


Not A Ton of Content but…

I’ll be honest, two players could easily finish the 2 player experience of Snipperclips in less than two hours. With only 45 puzzles to complete in two player mode, it won’t take you long to get through the first three worlds. However, all the puzzles are pretty intuitive and fun to complete, and most puzzles don’t rely on a specific solution, but rather allow you to experiment.

These levels are broken in a number of categories: moving an egg to a nest, filling in a outlined space, cutting out a shape, moving balls into hoops and containers, and more. The egg levels are particularly fun. You and your partner will be trapped insideĀ a box, and carbon copies of your bodies – which will move while you move – are all around the screen. Using movements and specific cuts, you will have to move an egg from a tube to a nest. These were some of the more challenging, yet fun puzzles to solve.

3-4 Player Content

Once you’ve completed the 1-2 player content, you can jump into 3-4 player content. These games are fun for a while – you can play sports games like basketball and hockey – but do lose their appeal over time.

The best way to show off Snipperclips is to see someone play it, so as per the usual, we have teamed up with Abdallah (YouTube, Twitter) to show off his gameplay! Check it out below, and be sure to follow him.


We will have more on Snipperclips in the near future, but for now, this is a great way to show off some of the coolest aspects of the Switch for a great price. And even when you’ve finished the levels, doing it with someone else – or watching someone else do it – is still a great experience.


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