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Nintendo Direct Mini 3-26-20

Nintendo surprised everyone by releasing a Nintendo Direct Mini today. You can check it out below and then please come back here for some thoughts on the Direct!

I thought the Nintendo Direct mini was pretty good!

No major new Nintendo games were revealed but a whole bunch of third party games were. And Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition was shown off more.

I like Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii and the remake for the Switch looks excellent. Its great that it’ll include extra content.

As for the third party games revealed, Bioshock Collection, Borderlands, and XCom 2 were the major announcements. I looked on the eshop and it looks like you’ll be able to buy the Bioshock games separately if you want. Personally, I’m most interested in having the first Bioshock game for the Switch! I love that game.

Also I was very excited that Burnout Paradise is coming to the Switch. I am a big fan of those games.

It was wonderful to see Clubhouse games coming to the Nintendo Switch. That should be a really fun collection.

I was also happy to see Bravely Default 2 shown off. There is a demo of the game available on the Nintendo Switch right now. I will have my first impressions of the demo tomorrow.

And it was nice to see Animal Crossing New Horizons mentioned. I can’t wait to play the Bunny Day event next month! Oh and I’m glad Leif will return during the Earth Day event in April.

There were a lot of other games mentioned too. Who would have guessed that Catherine Full Body would make its way to the Switch?!

What was your favourite announcement during the Nintendo Direct Mini?


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