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Last Week to Back Meeple Inc. On Gamefound

We previously wrote about the crowd funding campaign for Meeple Inc., a board game where you make, well, board games! When we first saw and heard about the game the campaign on GameFound had yet to launch, but let’s revisit the game with seven days left to go in the campaign!

This is not a sponsored post, just a follow up article to a game we are really excited about. The designer has let us know GamesReviews will receive a copy of the game for review purposes, so stay tuned for that as the game fulfills.

Meeple Inc. has crossed a lot of crowdfunding goals which has improved the games card quality, linen finished the cards, added wooden and metal tokens, increased the thickness of the punch board, and so much more! The biggest addition we never previously wrote about was an expansion for the game called the Golden Pear Expansion. Here is a bit more about this expansion!

“The Golden Pear Expansion expands the game of Meeple Inc. Adding complexity and some exciting new mechanisms… along with some more awesome components. Compete for the attention of influencers in the Golden Pear Awards and demo your published games at conventions to gain powerful new abilities. The Golden Pear expansion is available with the All-in pledge level or it can be purchased as an add-on to any other pledge level.”

The campaign for Meeple Inc. is going very well, with the game sitting at 622% above it’s targeted funding goal. You can find the entire campaign by visiting this link. Good luck, team!


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