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Create Your Own Board Game Empire in Meeple Inc.

In about 50 days, one of the more unique game I’ve ever seen is going to hit GameFound, and this title is Meeple Inc. In Meeple Inc., players will be creating their own board games, hiring help, and attempting to win prestigious awards in order to be the best board game developer at the table. To be fair, it’s a bit more complicated than that (in a good, board game kind of way), so why not check out this summary from the development team behind this unique title!


“In Meeple Inc players take on the role of Board game publishers collecting the perfect mix of

artwork, components and mechanisms to build the greatest board games in the world. Enter an

alternate 1970’s where meeples and humans have co-existed for millenia. The mix of human

ingenuity and meeple industriousness has created a new golden age of tabletop games and you

are in the right place at the right time. As CEO of a board game production company, you will be

assigning your meeples to jobs across the fabulous board game factory. You will be hiring

specialists, crafting components and manufacturing mechanisms all in a bid to publish the most

popular games, win tabletop awards and, of course, gain victory points.”

The GameFound preview page for the game is already live, and it has me really excited. I’m first drawn to the way the game looks. All the components look like they will be of the highest quality, and whether you purchase the standard game or the deluxe variant. Miniature board game tables, small golden trophies, small game boxes you can proudly display in your punch board (standard) or wood (deluxe) Kallax style shelves. It all looks phenomenal, and I think it’s going to be widely popular in the board game space for one reason.


I think most hardcore board game fans wish they had what it took to do what Cogito Ergo Meeple is doing, that is to design and publish their own board game. Frankly, it’s a pipe dream of mine, but one that won’t ever happen because, well, I don’t have a head full of good ideas. In some small way, I think Meeple Inc. is going to give me that experience in a tabletop package, and I cannot wait to give it a try. Are you willing to give this fast paced, worker placement title a try when it hits GameFound?

Curious to see how this game plays? There is a how-to-play video available on YouTube right now, and we’ve copied it below:

Meeple Inc is available for only £45 For the base game, £69 For the deluxe components and

£118 To go all in and get the expansion deluxe components and all add ons. Meeple Inc offers a

great opportunity for a unique exciting tabletop experience at very competitive prices.


We will have more information on Meeple Inc. as we get closer to the launch of the campaign, so stay tuned!


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