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Hundred Days on Switch is a Different Kind of Experience

I’ve been playing Hundred Days on Nintendo Switch for a little while now, and while I’ve heard mixed experiences on the gameplay, I found it a fairly relaxing experience that was great to play for a few minutes before setting down. Still, at 29.99 USD, I’ve begun to wonder if this isn’t one you might want to grab when it is on sale.


You can see about an hour of the game by watching my live stream below! Check it out:

Here is a bit of information from the fabulous review done by Carmelo on the site:

I started off with the story mode. It starts out like a typical game where you work a boring job and decide to switch things up like in Stardew Valley. The main character gets a letter to start an adventure in Winemaking and decides to quit the boring job. The story is extremely bland and boring with tons of meaningless text dialog. Characters are easy to forget as none of them are memorable in any way. Once we get started, we are taught briefly how to do things, but without any depth.

With little to no direction I had to go through all the menus to see what was available. There are menus for upgrading, buying items, and checking sales stats/orders. Genuinely confused, I had no idea what I should upgrade or purchase. The game fails horribly at teaching you how to play, at least in my experience. Moving along I made my first batch of grapes for wine, but was not sure how to get the best wine and ended up with a 57/100 wine. I will say the customization is great, as you can name your wine, choose the shape of the bottle, and even the style of cork.


A lot of what Carmelo wrote here resonated with me as well, but I’m guessing a few tweaks have happened since the game originally launched. While I was also overwhelmed by some aspects of the game, I felt that the storyline did a decent job of walking me through why I was doing things and when I should do them. When comparing early PC / Stadia streams on YouTube to my experience on Nintendo Switch, I did notice a number of changes, which I assume means some improvements were added to make the experience more fluid and accessible.

You can read more about gameplay in the article Carmelo wrote. That being said, I enjoyed the experience a bit more than Carmelo did, and with the included DLC, there is even more content to enjoy now! I give Hundred Days a solid 7/10!



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