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Animal Crossing New Horizons March 2021 Update Is Now Available

Animal Crossing New Horizons March 2021 Update is now available. Depending on your time zone, it was actually available last night! I got the update and have some first thoughts on it.


Animal Crossing New Horizons March 2021 free update is now available. I went over a lot of the new features and items here. Today I just want to give my first thoughts on what I’ve seen.

I downloaded the update last night and went into my game. I received the First Anniversary Cake from Nook Inc. Its a neat item! Then I went to the Nook Miles Redemption to see if the Custom Editor + and Custom Portal were available yet. To my surprise, they were there! I didn’t think they’d be available till today. I went ahead and got them.

At first, Nintendo was still working on the online service, so I couldn’t check out the Custom Portal from my Nook phone. I did get see how much space was added to the Designs: its a lot! Wow. There are 100 slots now. Very impressive. I did create a simple fan, flag, and umbrella. So cool. Even cooler though was when I checked out the Custom Portal.

Before the update, you could go to Ables and access the Portal. It would allow you to check out designs from other people and share your own. Now, thanks to the the Nook Miles Custom Design Portal addition, you can access this feature right from your in-game Nook phone. You just go to the Custom Design section, press X, log into the online server and there you go. You can now access designs 24/7 even when Ables is closed. What an awesome feature.

And amazingly, people were already creating and sharing flags, fans and umbrella designs. You could not create these things before last night. People are quick! And there were good designs too. I downloaded a Cake Flag and Mario flag. I also got a Pizza umbrella and a Slime fan. I can’t wait to see what else people create with these. You can also create standees that you can put outside. I didn’t see any that I wanted. Yet.

I don’t have any of the Sanrio amiibo cards, so I wasn’t able to try out that feature. Some wonderful friends did send me some of the items today though!

The other items, like Prom and the Bunny Day items, are not available yet. I will write about them when they pop up. So far, I’m loving this new update though. The design additions are fantastic.

What do you think of Animal Crossing New Horizons March 2021 update so far? What are you looking forward to?


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