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New Details About the March 18th Animal Crossing New Horizons Update

Animal Crossing New Horizons will be getting another update on March 18th, 2021. Previously it was revealed that the update would feature compatibility with the Sanrio (aka Hello Kitty) amiibo cards. However, now we have more information about the update and its adding much more than just new amiibo card support!


The March 18th Animal Crossing New Horizons update will be adding Sanrio amiibo card support to the game. And…it’ll be adding a bunch of other stuff too!

According to Nintendo’s website and other sources, the update will feature new custom design options, seasonal items, and new Bunny Day items!

Thats a lot to unpack but let’s take a second and talk about it.


First of all, the new custom design slots. To get these, once you’ve updated the game you’ll go to the Nook Miles Redemption area and look for Custom Design Editor +. This will add ” a more robust set of features, allowing for the customization of umbrellas, small flags, uchiwa and photo stands. And with a new expansion of 50 slots added to both the Normal Custom Design mode and Pro Custom Design mode, you can truly let your imagination run wild!”

There will also be a Custom Design Portal app that you can buy from the Nook Redemption too. This will add the Ables Sisters design sharing portal to your in-game phone! No more running to the Ables Sisters to download a new design. Whew.

What about those new seasonal items? There will be a few different ones. I don’t want to spoil them all but let me just say that I think the April Fools one might be the best one so fart (as my wonderful AC friends Kat and Nat say).


And then there’s new Bunny Day items! Yes, Bunny Day is returning. sigh. However there will be new items you can buy from Nook’s Cranny starting on March 28th!

The March 18th Animal Crossing New Horizons update looks like its going to be a blast! The Hello Kitty amiibo card support looks amazing and even if you don’t have cards, Nintendo is adding a lot of other worthwhile things to the game. And its all happening soon! The update is this Thursday. Though in some regions, you’ll actually be getting it tomorrow night. That said, some or all of the new update features, like the custom design ones, might not be available until Thursday.

Are you excited for the next Animal Crossing New Horizons update? What do you think Nintendo will add to the game next?


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