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The Boom of Online Gaming in Canada in Numbers

In 1992, statistics showed that the government of Canada collected a whopping $2.73 billion worth of revenue from online gaming. In 2017, this revenue had increased to $17.1 billion, and in 2023, Canada revenue in online gaming is expected to increase up to $200 billion.

One factor contributing to this massive growth is mobile video gaming. In 2020, its market share was 47%, while in 2021, the market share for video gaming increased to 57%.

Why is Online Gaming Booming in Canada?

Canada is one of the countries in the word today leading in the collection of revenue from online gaming. But what is the reason behind this massive increase in online gaming in Canada?

The influx in online casinos is the major reason why the country has recorded a boom in online gambling. A quick online search can help you find the best online Canadian casinos to enjoy your various games.

Mobile Gaming

For years, investors and developers have not taken mobile gaming seriously. As the number of smartphone users keeps increasing each day, this has changed online gaming and increased growth in this industry.


In Canada, the estimated number of smartphone users is 31 million, a considerable rate of the country’s population. With this, it is evident that more people have access to online gaming than before.

Smartphones and tablets in 2021 accounted for a percentage of 52, amounting to almost 79 billion dollars. Laptops and desktops accounted for only 20% of the total, with the remaining 28% going to Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Increase in the Number of Online Gamers

The population of Canadian online gaming enthusiasts is increasing each day. Thank you to the increased number of online casinos. In the past years, gaming interests have been increasing, but online gaming has seen a massive increase in fans.

For example, Rizk Canada’s popularity has increased due to its ability to offer most players an opportunity to enjoy table games and also hundreds of slots.

Increase in Video Gaming in Canada

This kind of gaming is known as eSports. It is an online video game where competitors compete in virtual arenas in teams or just one-on-one. This kind of competition started with just a few people, but the population of video game aficionados has increased into a large industry. Canada is among the leading countries in video gaming despite having only a few participants, and it has gained a lot of success from it.


With the increasing number of professional developers, Canada is continuing to enjoy the success and ranking at the top of the leading countries in online gaming.

Best Online Casinos to Play in Canada

For Canadians, there are a variety of online casinos that one can choose from. Online gaming isn’t illegal to play in Canada, but to own a site, one has to secure it offshore.

Some of the best online casinos include:

  • Spin Casino.
  • Casumo.
  • Golden crown casino.
  • Lucky days.
  • PlayOjo.
  • Bodog.
  • Magic Red.
  • Casino Rex.
  • Pelaa.

It can be challenging to choose among the different varieties available. To be on the safe side with these sites, before signing up on any, ensure to go through other users’ reviews.

History of Online Gaming in Canada

Canada is one of the countries with a long and fascinating history in online gaming. Most people believe that explorers who played cards when they visited the country started gambling in Canada. But what was the origin of gambling in Canada?

The government for a long time has legalized gambling. Raffles and bingo have been legal games played by Canadians since the 1900s. But during these days, only the federal government would collect revenues and make decisions involving gambling.

In 1985, legislators from Canada made an amendment to give control to gaming provinces and territories. The Federal Government granted provinces permission to manage the usage of computer-based slot machines and video gaming devices. With the new changes, casino operations in Canada changed and there was increased growth in the gaming industry.

The Federal Government, in 1970, legalized all activities in the gambling industry. For Canada to establish and start its first commercial, it took a period of 19 years. It took Canada another four years to open its second casino. After opening the two, the gambling business started to take the lead. The popularity of playing the lottery and gambling activities has massively increased.

Gambling activities are still evolving in Canada. With the invention of the internet, gambling has evolved and transformed into the online world. This new transformation in Canada has influenced the growth of the online gaming industry. It is now an easy task for gamblers to play from their offices, homes, or any place of their choice.

One can enjoy playing table games, playing poker, slot machine games, and roulette, among others. Online games are similar to those found in brick-and-mortar casinos. The only difference of where they are played. It can also be played using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or any device that can access the internet.

The Future of the Online Gaming Industry in Canada

The industry is experiencing continuous, massive growth each year. Online gaming will play a very important role in generating revenue for the gaming industry.

Online gamers will have the opportunity to create gaming accounts, enabling them to control their activities. Online gaming has changed the gambling industry because one can access the sites using smartphones.

This industry will keep revolutionizing each day, making the experience much better. Lotteries and casinos are the most popular gambling forms, with steady growth over the past years. The land-based casinos also have to come up with new methods that will help them attract new clients. They need to adopt different aspects of online gaming as part of their operations.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the online gambling sector in Canada will continue to grow massively. This sector has strategies for attracting new clients. The revenue from this sector keeps increasing each year.

From the generated revenue, it is shared with the Canadian government, so the country will keep developing not only in gambling but also in other sectors. With a large number of professional developers and talented gamers, Canada will continue to keep its place at the top of the list in online gaming.