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Snakebyte Power Pack for Nintendo Switch Review

Snakebyte Power Pack for Nintendo Switch

Release: January 1, 1970
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One of the downsides of the Nintendo Switch is that when on the go, the battery might not always last as long as you might like it, especially when on long car rides or while flying. This can be remedied by having a nexternal battery and a USB-C cable, but that can become a clunky mess, and add extra items you then need to be accountable for. Enter the Power Pack from Snakebyte, a light weight battery pack that clips to the back of your Nintendo Switch, extending the life of your system while on the go. With it’s built in stand, it is the perfect travel accessory for your Nintendo Switch.


For a battery pack, the Power Pack is incredibly light weight, and using the Switch in handheld mode with the pack attached doesn’t add much weight to the system, reducing the stress on your wrists as you hold it up. As it’s attaches via the male USB connector on the bottom, and a clip on the top – which can be locked after being pushed into place – the pack doesn’t actually protrude too far form the back of the console. It’s not bulk at all, and with the pack installed, I can still easily slip my Switch into numerous carrying cases, including the hard back case from Snakebyte.

From Snakebyte:

Adding an estimated four hours of play time to the Nintendo Switch charge, the Power: Pack features a powerful 7000 mAh Lithium Ion battery and attaches securely to the rear of the Switch console. Integrated kickstand holds the console firmly in place for when playing in table-top mode and charge indicator lets you know how much juice is available for those essential Mario Kart™ sessions!

The charge available in the pack is indicated by 4 small LED lights near the USB-C connector on the side of the unit. Using the included USB-C cable, it is easy to quickly charge the device when not in use. Charge times seem to vary depending on what USB wall outlet I used, but overall it only took a few hours to fully charge the pack. Since I’ll use it mostly while traveling, having it plugged in while at home was never a hassle.


At under $40 USD, you can’t go wrong with this product. It’s not as long lasting as other packs, and might not appear as durable – the plastic hinges for the top of the Switch, as well as the kickstand, do appear pretty flimsy – you are also paying a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to just get a few extra hours out of your system, this is the way to go!



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