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Harvest Moon & Story of Seasons Giveaway Portal

With the launch of Harvest Moon: One World and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, we wanted to give you the opportunity to win a copy of either of those games in the form of a $60 Amazon Gift Card! Or, you can use the gift card for whatever you want – we won’t judge you if you pass on some of the best farming simulation titles available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.blank

Entering is pretty easy, but we recommend bookmarking this page to see all of the up-to-date contest entry options available to you! Simply click through the links and perform the actions to get entered. Every action is an entry into the contest, so the more you do, the better your odds! The more difficult the task, the more entries it is worth! Thanks for visiting us here at GamesReviews, and good luck!

For every 100 entries, we will add an Xbox game into the prize pool as secondary prizes! More entries will be added as we go, so be sure to visit often (and follow on Twitter when new options open up)! The contest will end on April 1st. No, this is not a joke.

YouTube Entries

  1. Subscribe to Adam’s YouTube page, and comment your YouTube username on this Contest Portal page (below). Hit the notification bell on YouTube for extra luck! (1 Entry)
  2. Adam began a Let’s Play of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. In the comments of this video, what item does the Harvest Godess not really like? (5 Entries)
  3. Have you ever played Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on GameCube or PS2? Check out Adam’s playlist and leave a comment on any video once you’ve watched at least 10 minutes about one thing you noticed during the video. No duplicate answers allowed, so it’s first come first serve. Answers can be what we planted, what we mined, what we sold, etc! (5 Entries per comment)
  4. Check out this Let’s Play playlist for Pioneers of Olive Town. Commenting on each video is worth tons of entries! Videos release every day at 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM! (5 Entries each)

Website Entries

  1. Read Adam’s article about the potential franchise failure of Harvest Moon, and let him know in the comments whether you agree or not! (1 Entry)
  2. Did you know Story of Seasons is going to have lots of DLC? Read the press release and let us know which DLC you are most looking forward too!
  3. Read Adam’s article on Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons launching in the same release window, and answer the question he poses in the article! (1 Entry)
  4. Read Adam’s preview of Pioneers of Olive Town and leave a comment about what you are most looking forward too! (1 Entry)
  5. Read Adam’s review of Pioneers of Olive Town and leave a comment about what you will do first on your farm! (1 Entry)

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